Do you use a math notebook???

So if you took a look at my last blog post from today, I ended with my new math center board! 
So what is here...
1. That green empty pocket chart is for current vocabulary

2. Today's number-for morning work 

3. Math boggle, Add it up-also morning work

4. other green pocket chart-center choices. students will pick what center they want to do each day by writing their name next to the choice on the actual white board.

5. the super cute duck tape thing in the middle is for my calendar math!

I spent a few hours last night really working on my math block! This year I am going to have students use a 1inch 3-ring binder to hold everything for math! They will have different sections. I have put this whole unit together in a 34 page packet! It's available in my TPT and TN stores!

This packet includes:
  • Math cover pages in 4 styles
  • center cards and descriptions-blank cards to so you can write your own centers on them
  • center sheets for students to have in their notebook
  • 2 calendar math sheets
  • number of the day or week
  • vocabulary sheet 
The fact test is where I plan on having my sweet multiplication fact pack. I am working on an addition facts packet too!

The journal section is where I may have a math journal question for them to answer. 

There will be a number of the day and add it up section. 

How do I plan on doing my math block??? 
As of right now, I have 75 minutes for math! I am hoping to get some more time in, but not sure if we will get it or not! 

I plan on having a whole class block! This is where the big lessons of the week will come. We will also go over the previous weeks calendar. We will talk about centers for the week and also talk about homework. 

First we will take a few minutes to go over homework. Then I will do a short mini lesson. Students will go to their centers and I will pull students for mini lessons. I am NOT a part of the centers. Students will make center choices first thing in the morning. They must stay at that center the whole time with their buddy unless they are with me. Students have to work on their calendar and complete it by Friday. This is independent work. They will have to work on managing their own time for this plus doing their centers. In the beginning of the year we will work together on how to manage their time. When students can't manage their time, I will step in and give them a schedule. 

Fridays are for:
-review Thursday's homework
-finish calendar
-finish centers
-more small groups 

How do you set up your math block? Do you have any suggestions or comments about mt math block? 


  1. I am in awe of you! Your math board and centers look and sound great! I love your schedule, too!

    Teaching Special Kids

    1. you are too sweet! Thanks a bunch! I really like it too!

  2. Your math notebook sounds great. I'm going to give this a try this year too. Maybe add a section for math drills???

    1. Math drills I think are like fact tests...or am I wrong?

  3. Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I mentioned your almost 500 giveaway again yesterday at Back in Fourth.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  4. I'm setting up my math block a lot like yours in terms of daily/weekly scheduling. I assign centers.. I have five groups and each group visits every center at least once a week. Last year, I wasn't a part of the center schedule, but this year I put myself in the schedule. I'm hoping to post about it soon!

    Third Grade in the First State

  5. I love your math board! It is super colorful! Thanks for sharing! Please check my new blog :)

  6. Your math board looks fantastic! I love your notebook idea.

    Fun in Room 4B