Classroom Theme Linky with a Freebie:)

Hey! I still have the Internet...YEAH!!! I wonder what is taking them so long to shut it off...hey, I'm not complaining  though! 

What a great idea Corinna over at Surfin' Through Second grade has with having a classroom theme linky! I LOVE it. I have had the same theme in my room now going on for 4 years! I would really like to switch to something else, but I just keep adding to my theme! I kinda have a running joke with my theme...all the kids think I LOVE frogs, but...I really think they are gross! My theme just kind of all came together one day! 

Enjoy my picture of my classroom-these were from the past two years:)

So...this is how it all started:)
I bought this super cute cork board from Target a few years back because I loved the colors!

I also bought crates that matched and made a bookshelf out of it! The kids store their reading and writing binders in them:)

So, then I took the cork board to the local school store where I found these trimmers that matched...and this is where my froggy theme began!

I also uses these around the room for frog accents!

So here are some other pictures of my room! Some of it was not the same once the year got going...but the colors all stayed the same! Anything I use color wise is pink, purple, blue and green with froggy things here and there:)

Is it bad to say I already have in my head how I want to set it up for next year???? I am excited to read about other people's themes! Don't FROGet to go check out Corinna's blog!

On another note, I finished my multiplication mastery packet and it is up in my TPT and TN stores! 

I also was inspired by a few blogs out there that created a Common Core dates taught check off sheet! Heidi from My (not so) Elementary Life has done one for first grade and also Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants did one too for first grade! Well, I teach 3rd and realllllly wanted one of these! SO, I made one last night! It took a bit of planning and time, but I did it:) 

Only for ELA right now and plan on going the math one tonight! So if you are interested in the ELA one, you can grab it now in my TPT or TN stores! 

But...since I am SOOOOO close to 300 followers (which I need to start thinking of another giveaway) I will have it for FREE for this weekend only. I think there are a few 3rd grade followers out there:) Just send me an email and I will get it to you:)

I am off to dinner with the hubby! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


  1. I love your froggy theme, the colors are so me!! That FROGGLE board is adorable! Everything looks so neat and organized I would be in heaven in your room:) Thank you so much for linking up!

    Surfin' Through Second

  2. I'd love your checklist for 3rd grade.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  3. Your checklist turned out great Tonya. I am going to email you back right now. I completely forgot I never emailed you. So sorry :(

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  4. FROGGLE is adorable!! And I can't believe I've never thought of using crates to make my own bookshelf! I may have to try that this year!!

    Maestra Bilingue

  5. Hey Tonya! I know you've been on TPT for a while...or at least longer than I have...but I checked on the website and couldn't find any information about taxes? I know our purchases are tax deductible but what about the money we make off of selling products? I'm not too concerned right now but if I do well, how do I figure out my taxes on the payout? If you have any info, feel free to pass it my way! Thanks! :)

    Teachin' Little Texans

    1. I haven't been on TPT but only 3 months, so I have no clue. I believe they send you a pdf tax document at the end of the year/first of the year.

  6. LOVE you classroom! The colors are great!! I would also LOVE a copy of your third grade CC checklist- it looks lovely :)


    3rd Grade Thoughts

  7. I love how you use your crates as bookshelves to store your binders. Your froggy theme is just adorable!! I also love the colors you incorporated into your classroom. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  8. Cute frog theme. FROGGLE takes the cake! Adorable:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  9. I love your theme- thanks for posting about the linky party- I decided to link up, too!

  10. I'd love a copy of your checklist!

  11. I love those checklists and will be utilizing one this year as well! :)


  12. Hey Tonya!!
    This checklist looks great, just what I need to start getting motivated planning!! I just got my welcome back to school letter in the mail from my principal today..which means summer is almost over :(
    I'd love a copy!!


  13. I love your froggies! I will e-mail you for the checklist!

    3rd Grade Sprinkles

  14. Your froggy-themed classroom is adorable! Your room looks like a fun place to be. I'm excited to share my classroom theme too.

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

  15. That crate/shelf idea is brilliant! I wish I had that kind of space in my room! I also love your Froggle board-very clever!

    Primarily Speaking

  16. So sweet! I love how neat and organized your room is!

  17. I love your room. It's so colorful and organized! Your Froggle board is the cutest. I would love a copy of your checklist. I'm a fellow 3rd grader myself. Thanks for sharing your classroom pix!

    Hooty's Homeroom
    hootyshomeroom at gmail dot com

  18. Thanks everyone for such nice comments! I put a ton of time into my room to make it neat and organized! I always get tons of compliments on my room! I love it, kids, love it and my parents love it! It helps my kiddos stay organized too!

  19. Tonya,

    Thanks for coming to check out my blog! Your room is so cute! Does the crate bookshelf really hold up? I saw it on Pinterest, but didn't know if it would hold up. Do you just zip tie them together? I am now your newest follower!!


    1. yeah it really does hold up:) All I did was zip tie them together!, now I don't know about sitting on it, my kids don't do that! I also wouldn't stand it might sway!

    2. I need a tall shelf. Unless I can find someone to make me one I considered doing these. I wonder if 4 across and 4 up would topple....what do you think?

    3. I hate to say it but yes:( I don't think it would b work being that tall! That is why mine is laying down!

  20. HI Tonya! Love your room. I used a lot of your ideas last year from proteacher. I did frogs last year and mystery this year. I'm one of those crazy people who change the theme EVERY year. And I would LOVE your third grade checklist!


  21. Your frogs are really cute- thought about that as a theme before, but ended up going more towards just the green. FROGGLE- catchy title :) I would love the 3rd grade checklist- please and thank you!

    Shar W.

  22. I would love a copy of your checklist as well. Love the bright colors and frogs. I have debated about using frogs. There are just so many cute things you can add with it!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  23. I would also love a copy of your checklist!! The frogs are too cute!! I ahve a jungle theme this year. My emila is Thanks!

  24. I love your classroom! I know you said the pictures were from a few years ago, but where did you get your crates? They are perfect for the color theme I want in my room this year! Thanks!


  25. Love it! Did you ziptie the crates together or are they separate?

  26. Yes, I just zip tied all of them together!

  27. I love the frogs and bright colors! :) Froggle just made me smile. Could I please have a copy of your checklist? (Thank you!)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  28. I love your frog theme! Especially your CAFE board!! Very cute.

  29. My collaborating teacher last year was frogs, so I'm always on the lookout for froggy things for her! I'm having a linky party over at my blog. "Hop" on over and link up! -Julia