Love is...Freebie, Valentine's Day Giveaway, Fonts:)

Happy Sunday! It was nice to sleep in today, do a bit of work, go to the gym, and then back home to eat/shower and now get to work! Thank goodness hubby is taking care of dinner tonight! 

So, I was busy last night and this morning making two more fonts. I must say, I am getting better at this! It does take a bit of time though! 

I am going with a Big Bang Theory Theme right today, I bring you Bernadette and Penny!

If you want them, just click the pictures to get the link! Don't forget just to give credit back to me wherever you use it:)

I did a little shopping yesterday at Target...twice...and saw their dollar spot was filled with all sorts of new goodies! 

I found heart sticky notes and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them! Last year my coworker made this awesome...and I mean awesome video with her 4th graders about Love. Check it out here! She had many of my kids from 3rd grade and I just can't help but smile when I see this video!

So, I am not as cool as she is to make a video, but I am going to have the kids tell me what they think LOVE is and place it on these sticky notes. I made a poster to place on the door! 

You can get this poster for FREE here:)

I also found Valentine pencils. So...I made these pencil toppers!

I made a colored set and a black and white set

You can get them at my either of my stores!

BUT...if you would like to win them for free all you have to do is guess the answer to a question. You can guess TWO times. The winner can also pick TWO other people who left comments to win it for free! 

So, I have been obsessed with Planet Smoothie
What is my current favorite smoothie? Here is a has only TWO flavors! 
I am off to get some more work done! Have a great night!


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  2. Let's try this again! :)

    Banana Strawberry??? :)
    Also, love your fonts! The Big Bang Theory theme is so adorable, love that show! Sheldon is my favorite. xo


  3. Your fonts are fantastic...I love the little hearts in the Penny one! Perfect for Valentines Day, too.

    I am going to go with strawberry/peaches as your favorite flavor.

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. I would have to guess Strawberry Banana because that is my favorite! Love your new fonts!

    1. Someone already guessed that one! Don't forget, I said you could guess TWO times:) Srawberry/Banana is not it!

  5. I'm going to guess the strawberries and pineapple or strawberries and grape juice.

  6. Hmmm...I'm going to go with mango pineapple! :)


  7. That's tough. Raspberries and banana? or cocoa and banana?


  8. Kiwi Strawberry


  9. I'm guessing strawberries & orange sherbet or strawberries & peaches.

    I'm enjoying watching your process with font-making, as it is something I want to try, too! :)

  10. I'm going to guess strawberry/acai (love acai myself) and strawberry/blueberry?

    I love how you have a theme for naming your fonts. That's such a great idea.