Yes it is Monday, Tuesday on the mainland, and I said I would pick a winner last week for my PURRfect response! 


thank you to the 10 people whole left comments! ALL 10 of you WON! Please send me and email so I can get you your prize:) 

Just my way of saying thank you for leaving a comment! Your kind words mean a lot to me:)

I seriously need to get my behind in gear! I go back to work in ONE WEEK! And I have YET to set up my room! I am in panic mode people! I am always the first one done and usually take a week to do it! 

Breathe Tonya...just breathe!

I have a workshop tomorrow and Wednesday! I am spending some time in my room FINALLY on Thursday! 

And after that I get to spend dinner with some very lovey Hawaii Bloggers! I can't wait!


  1. Tonya, you are so sweet! This is fantastic! I was one of your 10, lucky me! Hopefully our responses will be purr-fect from this year! (Too many exclamation marks? I am so excited!)

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  2. I am avoiding my calendar so I don't have to realize that I am about 10 steps behind my normal pace.


    Enjoy your blogger meet-up!

  3. Tonya that was very awesome and sweet of you to do that for those ten responders! Congratulations to the winners!