Goodbye 2013, Mega Giveaway, January Editable Homework Calendars...this and that:)

Happy New Year's Eve my friends! I hope you all are enjoying this last day of 2013!

I have to say 2013 has been a HUGE transition year for me and I am so ready to ring in 2014! 

Events of 2013 for me include:
-packing, selling, and getting rid of things
-celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary:)
-accepting a new job for the fall
-leaving my classroom and school I loved so much
-leaving my friends behind
-leaving my gym that brought me so much happiness
-getting in our car and leaving NC
-driving from NC to Washington in 5 days with 3 cats and 3 suitcases
-getting on a plane ONE WAY to Hawaii...with our 3 cats in the cabin with us;)
-landing in Hawaii and moving in with the in laws
-starting my new job in a new school 2 WEEKS LATER, in a new state, and having to adjust...big time!
-trying to settle into a routine and learn my way around Hawaii

It's almost 2014 and I am just so excited for what this year will bring. This year is all about ME and my HUSBAND!

I have a some personal goals too, but I am excited to be focused on what really health, happiness, friends and family:)

I found this on Pinterest...I think I want to make one and hang it in my house!
Isn't this adorable??? I love the meaning behind each phrase!

Speaking of New Years Eve, my 14 in 2014 Mega give away ends tonight at midnight...Hawaii time:)
Just click HERE to take you to my previous post!

One thing I want to share with you is my homework calendars. They have been a huge hit with my parents and my students and I thought maybe you would like to use them too!

Every month I give my students a new homework calendar. In the boxes I type in what homework I want the kids to complete each night. For me, it is math and reading. 

My students write in their planner exactly what it is I want them to do. The line next to math and reading is for parents to initial each night so I know they completed their homework.

Every morning I do a quick check to see if they did their homework.  If they completed it, they can color the picture in the bottom corner.
If they turned in their homework all week, they color the picture in the end box and can get a punch from their punch pass.

If their punch pass is filled by the end of the month they are awarded with a special surprise! For me, it is lunch with me in the classroom.

I keep all their punch passes in a pocket chart with the Punch Bunch header. The January Header is included in this unit:)

I called it Punch Bunch because you might not want to have a lunch bunch. You might decide at the end of the month, students turn in their punch pass for something else!

In this unit I made some editable calendars!
You might want to give weekend homework, so there is a column for weekend.
The editable file is in PowerPoint. So all you have to do is type in what you need!

You might want 5 punches instead of 4. So there are cards with 4 and cards with 5 punches!

I will give TWO of these away today! Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner at 2pm Hawaii Time!

You can also pick them up in my TpT shop! I will be making these for every month so stay tuned for more:)

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy yourselves! 
Happy 2014!


  1. Great product. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are awesome! Great idea

  3. This look like they would be great for the classroom!

    andrea . m . lee84 @ gmail . com

  4. As usual, looks wonderful! Happy new year!

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