July Currently!!!

Wow! July already? I feel like I have been a super bad blogger this summer! July for me means getting ready to head back to work! I start July 28th and the kids come August 1st:(  My year is going to be a bit different, but I will talk about that in another post! 

Today I am linking up with Farley for her monthly currently!

My husband and I are loving Aerial America on the Smithsonian Chanel!
I love learning the history of every state and seeing all the pictures! Right now we are watching Georgia. 

Thank you Angelia from Extra Special Teaching for suggesting the boot camp class!

 I am hooked! Together, Angelia and I have been going every day at 8:15 in the morning and getting a seriously sweaty workout! But I love it! I need it! I will miss it when I go back to work! Best Groupon purchase ever! 

I am already seeing a huge difference in my clothes and slowly seeing the scale move! Needless to say, this summer has really been dedicated to working out and getting healthy!

Yup...I go back in a few weeks! I need to really start planning and prepping because I haven't touched a thing all summer. I also really need to get out and enjoy my summer! I still have a few things I really want to go before I go back!

My hubby finally got a job! It's been a long time coming! He has been applying, studying, interview and it has all paid off! I am SO proud of him! He has worked so hard for this! He actually got the job offer in May but with all the credentialing, paperwork...and so on...it is taking forever for the hospital to get everything ready for him to start. He has a start date for August! Keep your fingers crossed for us! I can't wait for him to start as we have started thinking about finding our first house and finally start trying for a family! The last half of this year is going to be amazing...I know it!!!

GYM CLOTHES! Need I say more???
While I love all the super cute tanks...I don't have the body for them yet! What I really need is some more sports bras! I love Moving Comfort

BEST ones ever! And they last! I have had mine for 4 years and they are still in great shape!

I could really use some new shoes! I am a huge fan of Brooks!!! I think these are my next pair...or two:)

4th Plans
My family is heading over to my brother in-laws condo for the day! He manages the building so we get to grill out by the pool and go on the roof to watch the fireworks! I can't wait!

Everyone have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!


  1. Haha! Our Loving is the same thing! And boy do I need new workout gear, too. I've got like 3 I rotate! We're working our tails off this summer. My arms were so shaky today that I kept breaking the lead on my pencil when I was making a grocery list. LOL!

    Extra Special Teaching

    1. We are working SO hard! And it sure is paying off! My knees are really tired today! I am so ready for Tabata Tuesday!

  2. Summertime is a great time to move in a healthy direction. I have never done a boot camp, not sure if I could last! Loved reading that you will be watching fireworks in Waikiki! Years ago - 22 years - I watched fireworks with my then 9 month old son on the Ala Moana Center parking deck! What I most remember is him gumming on sushi!

    Kay @ Sommer Pride

  3. Good for you going to boot camp. That has been on my summer to do list but I haven't quite made it there yet. It is so much more fun with a buddy! Oh my, you start back even earlier than me. We have to be back August 5th with students on the 11th. Your plans for the 4th sound fantastic. My Dad lives on the Big Island in Kailua Kona. The islands are just beautiful. Congrats to you and your hubby on his new job. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Luv My Kinders

  4. Very dedicated going to boot camp everyday - you should definitely treat yourself to new gym clothes!
    Growing Little Learners