Can you help me...tonight?

I am DONE with my monthly writing prompts but I don't have time to proof it tonight. I have been very busy today and I need sleep! I got home at 2:30am from shopping, at the gym at 10am, and back out again today for returns by noon. I can't keep my eyes open any more! haha!

I am hoping I can get TWO bloggy friends to look over it and look for grammatical errors, date errors, and anything else! I really want to get this in my shops by tomorrow morning! So if you can help me asap, please comment below with your email. When I fix everything, you will get the final edited copy for FREE:)
Thanks so so much! 


  1. I am awake too!

    I would love to proof for you.

  2. Thanks you two for the quick reply. I have sent them to you! I will have them up in both of my shops tomorrow morning! You will be able to buy them individually, 3 month packs or a year! Just in time for the sale! YEA!!!