Multiplication Review Winners and some updates!

I am SO tired today! I worked out with my personal trainer tonight and she changed things up! She was like," Oh, the past few times were for me to see what you can do and where you are at, now it's push time." I was nonstop.moving.the.whole.hour! I LOVE her and we are good friends. I have known her for 3 years now and I wouldn't ask for anyone else to help me train. She is an amazing woman! But man, I am SORE. I was dripping sweat in the first 5 minutes! I LOVE it though!


So today we did the multiplication game I created, and the kids just thought it was 

As we were playing, I noticed some errors and also made some improvements! So I fixed the errors and made the improvements!

First change is when they land on 0, they lose ALL their points and start over! Also, they went around the game board more than once, since there was 23 questions. I added 1,000 point values to START and FINISH. So if they LAND on start or finish they get a point value. I think some kids went around 2 times, some 3. 

I also changed the recording sheet for better understanding! My kids were kinda confused!
I hope they do well on the test tomorrow.
After we finished the game we worked on our multiplication lapbooks!

I LOVE this free activity from homeschoolshare
The kids are begging for a division one. I think I may take a stab at making one:) 

So a few things to be on the lookout soon for that I am working on

-a division lap book
-main idea packet
-Edward Tulane Book Study
-Division Interactive notebook
-The Magician's Elephant book study
-Daily 5 activities
-new task cards

I am going to be a busy girl but I have a list very long I want to complete soon

OH YES, I can't forget who won my Multiplication Review Game now can I...well, I am going to do something different! Since I value and appreciate each and every one of your comments I am going to give all 11 people who commented it for FREE:) Yup, just  leave a comment below and I will get you your copy! 

Thank you very much!

Have a great night everyone! 


  1. That game looks very "cool!" You are going to be busy with all those plans. What an inspiration. :)


  2. Thank you! The game looks great!

  3. You are so creative, sweet, and generous! Too bad I've been having some computer issues and haven't been able to get online much. I'm bummed .... but I'll definitely have to pick this up in your store before we start multiplication. I plan on using your subtracting across zeros lesson tomorrow.


  4. You totally made me giggle...I misread your comment and thought you forgot who won...and I was going to tell you that was a symptom of getting older but you're too young for that!

    (And I commented on the previous post...lucky me!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. This makes my week even better! I love all your multiplication stuff, and that's for taking the time to answer my questions. Can't wait to try out the game.

  6. I'll never be mad that you did a double post. That just means I'm doubly blessed and get to double comment. We are covered up in multiplication right now and this game will be the crowning jewel. Thanks so much for your generosity and giving heart.

    My address is


    1. Forgot to say I commented on the previous post. :)

  7. Tonya, your resources are absolutely amazing! I look forward to new blog posts from you! Thanks for sharing your wonderfulness!
    :o) Debbie

  8. We are doing multiplication now and I can't wait to use this idea! You are the BEST!

  9. Hi Tonya,
    After seeing this game on your post the other night, I went and bought it right away with the sales going on because I thought it was so cool and I usually never win anything. It was a great purchase.

  10. We are trying to get our grade four class to learn as many of the multiplication tables as possible. So many of them are lacking those skills. This game and that lap-book look like great ideas to inspire and encourage my students to learn their tables!