December Writing Calendar is here:) and so is VACATION!

YEA for a break! I am so glad today was the last workday of the week! What do you have planned for your Thanksgiving break? I have a lot of ME time planned as my husband is working the WHOLE week and weekend. Oh wait, he does have Friday off! 

So far on my weekly agenda I have
  1. cleaning
  2. reading
  3. sleeping
  4. TPT things
  5. pedi
  6. eye appointment
  7. post office
  8. starting Christmas cards
  9. cleaning my car
  10. sleeping
  11. the gym
  12. shopping
  13. napping
  14. cooking/baking
  15. working on my resume:) 
  16. sleeping 
Do you see a theme? I think I do!

So anyways, I finished the December Writing Prompt calendars. As always, I make one for the actual calendar and then I make one without dates. I know many of us are off the week after Christmas but I still wrote prompts in there just in case!

You can pick it up at mt TPT and TN stores today! But if you want a chance to win it for free, look back at my post from yesterday! Chances to win close tomorrow night!

I also started the January one;) hehe!

I hope to have the whole year done this week so I can offer them as singles and also a whole year set! I started looking for paper to match each month! 

One other thing I HOPE to start and have done this week is a unit for...
I heart this book and really want to do something special with it! 
My BFG unit is one of my top sellers and I hope to create something similar to it

Thanks for reading, have a GREAT night:)



  1. That would be an awesome unit on Edward Tulane!

    I also see a theme with your list...I love have some version of sleep is on there 4 times! It's very high on my list too ;)

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  2. You have a lot on your agenda this week, nicely done ;-)
    I love, love, love Edward Tulane!!! One of my most favorite books... though I cannot read it aloud without crying during the Sarah Ruth part!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First