Day 1 of vacation and SALE time:)

Day 1 of my vacation has been BUSY but great! I did not get a nap in, but I have plenty of time to do that as I completed about 90% of my errands for the week! Today I completed:
  • going to my 9am eye appointment
  • doing some returns and exchanges
  • getting a pedicure! As I walked in they nice, brand new massage chairs! I splurged and got a chocolate luxury pedicure! AND as always, it comes with a free hot stone massage! I was in heaven! I just love the color too! I little bit of green, blue, silver shimmery goodness!

  • having lunch with my husband
  • heading back out to the car care place to get my car fixed. Alignment, all 4 tires balanced, and an oil change. I was there for over 2 hours!
  • did a little shopping
  • and now home to relax! SVU and American Horror Story are on tonight and I can actually stay up and watch it! 

Now, onto more important things;) TPT and TN are having Thanksgiving sales and I am participating in them as well!

Teacher's Notebook is having a 3-day sale starting Saturday! Well, I plan on starting mine for Black Friday and running it to Monday. So you can get any item in my TN store for 40% off:)

TPT is having a Cyber Monday plus Tuesday sale! I will have my TPT store on sale Monday and Tuesday 20% off! I can't wait to stock up on some goodies from you fabulous bloggers:) Thank you Michelle from The 3am Teacher for the fantastic button!

So with all of my items going on sale,  my goal for tomorrow since hubby is working and I have no family in town is to get some units done and posted! Just in time for the BIG sales! I made my cover today for a new unit! I can't wait until it is done:)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Be safe everyone!


  1. Ooooh, love a pedicure, my poor toes are very neglected at the moment and with the warmer weather here in Oz, they are looking rather tatty in my sandals. We have about 3 1/2 weeks till we have xmas hols here, might get a chance to do something about it then. Enjoy your break!