Hi, my name is Suzie Homemaker...what's yours???

Today...you can call me Suzie, Suzie Homemaker:) I think for the first time this summer break I have not been Mrs. R...the teacher! This is what happened in the day Mrs. R became Suzie Homemaker:)

I went shopping for baskets at the Dollar Tree...these baskets were not for my classroom, but for my kitchen! I didn't feel like spending a ton of money on baskets since we will probably only be living here another year or two (we rent a town home.) Then, I went to Lowes to find the shelving I wanted and didn't find a thing:(

On to Target...again, where I went for my kitchen and not school related stuff! Checked the dollar spot and bought a new mixing bowl and funnel. Then I found the shelf but not the wheels I wanted...dang it! Onto the second Target of the day! Got to that Target and found the wheels and walked out only with the wheels!

Walmart-groceries for dinner! Nothing else! Yeah, go me:)

Got home...and this was my first project! Look that this before pic! I.could.not.take.any.more.of.this.closet!
It is a very long and narrow closet! Mind you how messy it is....thanks hubby! I organize and organize and it always ends up like this...YUCK! Not anymore:) Do you notice the Tupperware lids on the shelf??? The actual containers are somewhere else! I HATE that they are in TWO different places...I mean, seriously! I had to fix that!

So after hours of sorting, cleaning, dusting, organizing...I get this:)

Then, I used the shelf I bought, added the wheels and pushed it in:)
Now, when we want something, we can pull it out and push it in!

Next Project...another shelf we had by our kitchen table! This shelf has wine glasses, martini glasses, margarita glasses, cookbooks, protein bars, magic bullet stuff...I mean a shelf with no rime or reason to it at all! 
Well, all those glasses came off...went to goodwill. I never use them anyways. The magic bullet stuff went with all the other kitchen gadgets, and the cookbooks were organized! I put all the Tupperware here and this is what I got:)
Isn't it so pretty??? I had to keep a few glasses, especially the beer ones and the birthday wine glass:)

Project 3...Dinner:) 
I really wanted to try a new recipe today! I found a great one for Zesty BBQ Chicken on Pinterest. Click on the picture if you want the link! It was very easy to put together and actually has been cooking the whole time I was doing all the cleaning and organizing! I have to make some mashed potatoes and then dinner will be ready when hubby gets home:) This is what it looks like so far:)

So, it has been fun being Suzie Homemaker today! I did recive a package in the mail! 
I had to open it because it had 2 non-teacher related items I really wanted! But it also had one teacher item...

I can't wait to look through it...probably just not today!

I hope you enjoyed reading my NONteacher related post! OH but wait...I do have ONE more thing...

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I am off to make potatoes! Have a great night:)



  1. Woah you were busy!!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I need your help! Please check out my last post ♥

  2. Hi! Just found your blog. I also teach in NC, but I teach first grade.

  3. Great organizing! Dinner looked great too!

  4. Isn't summer great! Love the before and after shots. Well done and very inspiring and makes us want to tackle our own piles. Now just.need.to.get.off.the.computer. . .
    ~Christy & Tammy

  5. Hi! I've passed on The Lovely Blog Award to you. Please visit my blog to pick it up. Betsy @ Coco Goes to First
    *I hope you haven't already received it!?!

    1. I have:) but thank you for giving me the award! You made my day!

  6. That's on my to-do list this summer as well. I hate how cluttered my kitchen has gotten. You got a lot done in a short amount of time!