Day 1 and 2...and......

I can't express how tired I am! Day 1 was yesterday and I can tell you out of my 7 years of was a very different day than the others! This is going to be one of my most challenging school years yet! I have a very darling class and kids that are excited to learn...but at the same time, I have some challenges awaiting me! It's ok! I can do it:)

I do have to say...that Whole Brain Teaching is pure genius! I have not seen kids have such smooth transitions, be eager to teach each other, and even on the second day get it right away without really going over it again! I am so happy to have found this teaching strategy! One teacher was watching me teach today while she was observing my new friend, and she was like, "What are you doing? This is awesome!" She told me she is going to come back in a few weeks to see it again! I LOVE WBT! 

So on the first day we had to sort through this mess...this was just HALF of the supplies they brought in! 

I started putting some away in here...

Do you remember my post about the classroom door contest? Well, I had this great idea and when I saw another teachers was taken! I didn't want to do the same thing. So I took my "When you enter this classroom" door poem and turned it into this...

It now says, " By being here, you are on the road to success!" The road leads from my door, 3rd grade, to next door which is 4th grade! The kids colored a car and wrote how they will be successful this school year to pass and make it to 4th grade! I hope I win! First prize for this contest is an I-Touch!!!

Today went SO well, compared to yesterday! I know my days are going to be up and down for this whole school year. I am just taking the good while I can:) Here is to a great day tomorrow! I still have planning to do...yikes!

What about the AND?????

I am about to work on my 500 follower post! Give me a few minutes and it will be up...You won't want to miss out on this one:) PROMISE! 


  1. What a cute idea for your door! Love it!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I love your door...I'm glad to see WBT works! I've been debating trying to start it with my class of first graders. I might read more into it.


  3. Great idea for your door! I love WBT, too! This has been the smoothest back to school week in my whole 18 years of teaching because of it, I'm sure!!

    Fun in Room 4B