Happy Birthday!!! Oh wait, we can't have a cupcake:(

Having a cupcake at school has always been the way to celebrate a student's birthday! But not any more, not at my school! Our district has a NO food policy starting this year! So I need some fantastic bloggers to help me come up with fun ways to celebrate student birthdays without having food! 

I have my birthday pencils with balloon toppers!

I also have the birthday cheer poster we will sing!

I just feel like I need something else! Maybe the birthday student can pick a game to play. I am lost! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 

Have a SUPER Saturday and see you tomorrow for my grand giveaway!


  1. What about a special privilege for the day? I know a 3rd grade teacher who had one big yoga ball in her room and it was something the kids could earn instead of sitting in their chair all day.

    Good luck:) I can't imagine not being allowed to bring in a Birthday Treat!

  2. The birthday person can pick a book from a special selection to read/have you read to the class?
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. Laminate a piece of birthday wrapping paper for their desk as a tablecloth for the day - I've even just used one of those big bike bags that drape over. Let them stamp all their papers with a birthday stamp before they turn it in - I keep the special stamps and stamp pad in one of those decorated cardboard birthday boxes. Have the rest of the class create a birthday wish book for them. I give them a homework pass as my birthday gift to them in addition to the special pencil with the birthday topper. Hope this helps!

    I Love My Classroom

  4. I need that birthday cheer! Is it available on TPT?
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  5. How about a Scholastic book coupon for a free book?

  6. Great ideas:) Thanks ladies! I have the birthday cheer in a past post with it for free!!!

  7. When I was in elementary school, my teacher gave each student a blank piece of typing paper to make a birthday picture for the birthday girl or boy. It HAD to be landscape (the wide way) and she would hand-draw a beautiful cover on thicker paper (card stock) and staple them all together for a birthday book. I did not do this last year, but I fully intend on starting this tradition this year. If you don't like to draw, you could always use clipart and print a pretty cover:)
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  8. I order a class set of books. They get a book form scholastic with a pencil, and a bday certificate.
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  9. Our district has a similar policy that was implemented about 4 years ago. So, these days the kiddos get a birthday pencil (mechanical) and a crown. Parents know they cannot bring in food treats, but we do allow them to bring in non-food treat bags, if they choose. I used to have a birthday box (a shoebox that I wrapped to look like a present) with birthday themed picture books inside. The birthday boy/girl would pick one of the stories and I would read it aloud to the class. They loved it! Now I'm beginning to wonder why I stopped using it!

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  10. Starting in fourth grade our school celebrates students' birthdays without treats. It is actually much better, and the student still feels special for the day.

    -- I have had the class make cards for the student.
    -- On his/her desk in the morning are all the cards, a card from me + a homework pass, and you can even tie balloons to their chair.
    -- And of course, we sing to them.

    You could even give the honored student a special privilege for the day like bringing in a blanket, wear no shoes, sit in the teachers chair, choose an activity for the class to do, etc.

    Hope that helps! It'd be great if you could follow my new blog =)

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  11. This is actually our very 1st year that we are able to have cupcakes (store-bought only, no cakes) for b-day's. In fact, I'm so excited about it, I can't wait!

    As a teacher, I've never been good at celebrating b-day's b/c I normally teach so many kids, plus what do you do for kiddos whose b-day's are not during the school year or are during vacations? This year, I'm putting up a b-day timeline Jan - Dec. with all the kids pics. I have about 65 kiddos so it will be interesting.