Meet Carla, BAZINGA, Fractions, Character Traits, and Cause and Effect...

 LONG post...sorry!

So...went to the doctor this morning because I still was not feeling good. And well....I have strep:( YUCK! It turned in a matter of just a few minutes and my throat is as red as red can be! It's been really hard to eat today! Strep has also ruined my weekend plans! My hubby and I were looking forward in going out for dinner and drinks with some so mad! So instead, I have been home, napping, watching TV, and working on units and fonts. Hubby is also sleeping. It's been a quiet day!

So my other friend that I met with last weekend started her blog last night!!! I am SO excited for her. I have had the privilege of working on the same grade level with Carla for two years! She is an AMAZING teacher! She always has the funniest stories of what her kiddos say to her! 

You can check her new blog out at Don't Touch the Gong. There is a funny story behind her blog title! Maybe she will tell it one of these days!

Just like I did with my friend Jess, I will give YOU something for FREE if you...
  1. follow her blog
  2. leave a comment with a helpful hint and a link to a place she can get fonts, clipart or helpful ideas
  3. comment on my blog with your email so I can send you something
If you do these 3 things, I will give you ANY one set of task cards from my shop...YOU pick! So go over there now:) I promise you, you won't be disappointed! 

Meet my new font...TR BAZINGA

I just had a blast making this font! I am making a list of characters from The Big Bang Theory or funny sayings to name my fonts! Anyone have a new idea for a name? So far some ideas I have are:
TR Soft Kitty
TR Howard's Mom
TR Justice League
TR Kripky
TR Flash
TR Leslie Winkle
TR Wil Wheaton

Just remember, if you use my fonts, you must give credit back to me!

Moving on:) 
(Can you tell I have been inside all day???)

We have been studying fractions and my kids just LOVE them! They can see I love teaching them so they are really getting it. This week we use Christina Brainbridge's Fraction Kites activity! I have done this now for 3 years! 

They turned out sooo cute!

Then we also worked on Character Traits and how they change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story! I used Lori's activity from Conversations in Literacy!

We read a story I printed out from Reading A-Z called Harold the Dummy. It was nice to print books out for each student. They were able to use a pencil to write down the character traits and then highlight in the book where they found the evidence! 

And last, we worked on Cause and Effect this week. Last year I found Amy Lemon's...side note...congrats on such a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, I LOVE your pictures... Camilla Cream from A Bad Case of Stripes!

First we listened to the story for FREE on StoryOnline

We talked about cause and effects and how to find them in a story or a passage. The next day we listened to the story again only to pause it every time they heard a cause and effect. This is the list they came up with

Then they started to create their own sentence using signal words.

Next, they worked on their craft part!

And Finally...

I love it! 

OK, this post was seriously long enough! So sorry! I will be back tomorrow with my Math Journals and Math Block how to! 

I'm off to go eat some ice cream! See you tomorrow!


  1. All done! I'd love to have your Listening Center Task Cards! Hope you're better soon!
    Primary Inspired

  2. Hope you get to feeling better. Thanks for the link to Carla's new blog. I am excited to read more from a fellow 3rd grade teacher. Love the fonts too! I did get your fraction pack and love the kite idea.

    Thanks for everything you do.

  3. I became a follower and left some advice. I'd love your Writing Center Task Cards!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  4. Hum, can you use TR Cheesecake Factory, TR Shelly's Mom, TR MeeMaw, TR East Texas, TR Comics, TR Comic Book Store, TR Mars Rover, TR Bus Pants (because Sheldon has specific pants he allows himself to wear on the bus), TR Broken Elevator...okay enough.

    My husband and I watch Big Bang and my hubby thinks it would be hilarous to have Roseanne turn up as Sheldon's Meemaw and she would be a little hippie-ish but be all about science.

    I think they should have had Howard and Bernadette (and the crew) go to Vegas to get married and they did, but somehow in the midst of it Sheldon and Amy got drunk and got married too. Kind of like a hang-over style episode! I think that would have been AWESOME!

    1. HAHAH!! I LOVE your idea of the "Hangover" episode Big Bang style!! Too Funny!!!

  5. So I <3 your Big Bang font ideas!! What about TR Knock Knock Knock?? Can't wait to see them!!!

  6. I love your fonts! They are so cute, and I love that they are Big Bang Theory related. Thanks for the intro to another new blog! I would love the equivalent fraction task cards...we'll be doing fractions soon!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  7. I left a tip for your colleague. You are so sweet to help both of them get started! I'd love your Fractions and Sets task cards. (I won your Fireside Fraction unit, but these look different than the ones in there...but if not, please let me know and I will choose something else.)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  8. Oh my gosh....I absolutely love the Big Bang Theory. My husband thinks I'm crazy because I'm totally obsessed with Sheldon. Can't wait for all the fonts!!!
    I'd love the Listening Center Task Cards, and thanks for the intro to a new blog!
    Totally Terrific in Texas

  9. I love that all your fonts are Big Bang related :) And thanks for sharing them!
    How about TR Will Wheaton Crushers?
    Miss Elementary

  10. You jam packed some goodness into this post! Thanks for sharing all of you hard work!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  11. Loving your blog Tonya - I'm your newest follower.

    I've popped on over to Carla's new blog and wished her lots of luck.


  12. I LOVE the new font names and The Big Bang Theory!!! My suggestion; TR Sheldon's Spot, since he has certain spot on the couch, and TR Knock Knock Penny.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  13. I popped over to Carla's new blog and shared a couple clipart sites. I love your new font names.

  14. Thanks so much Tonya! I love you!

    1. You are SO welcome my dear! I love you too:)

  15. I don't watch Big Bang much. Wish I would watch it more often but when I do see it I love it. Reading your comments makes me want to sit down and get all caught up. All of your fonts are great as well. Such a smart idea to have a theme for the font names.

    I would love to have your listening center cards.

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