Meet Jess + a character trait craftivity=freebie

Do you remember the other night when I headed over to my friends house to help them get started with blogging and TpT? 

Well, let me introduce you to my friend and coworker Jess! 
Do you see that projector on the table??? It was hooked up to my computer and projected on her cool! It worked out SO well!
She has just started a new blog...and I have to admit...I reallllyyyy love her name!

Check her new blog out at...

She has a ton of questions and I am sure would love some tips and ideas! 


I have a favor to ask of you! And in return, I will give you my new Character Trait Craftivity for FREE!

1. go to her blog and follow her
2. leave a comment with a tip, suggestion, or just something nice:)
3. leave a link to a place she can buy or get free clip art, frames, fonts, or background paper!

That's it! 

well, don't forget to comment here to tell me you completed the 3 rules! And also don't forget your email:)

Here is a look at my Character Trait Craftivity

And if you just have to have it now, you can get it HERE at my TpT store! 

And before I go I can't forget to announce my winner of the buttons!
Brenda from Primary Inspired! I will be emailing you shortly!

I have been working hard on a few new math things plus my math journal! I will be back later this week! Have a great night!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Tonya! I really appreciate it! I'm working on figuring out the Linky Party as we speak. :)

    Loving your support and help getting me started. Thanks SO much!!


  2. She has such a cute name and introduction post. Thanks for the heads up! Your character trait packet looks awesome! It would be great for an activity we will (hopefully...snow predicted) for Friday!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  3. How cute! And how sweet of you to help her!

    I followed your 3 rules! :O)
    Collaboration Cuties

  4. You are so great to help her out. I have followed the 3 rules.

  5. You are such a nice friend to take time out to help her set up her blog (which is super cute) I went and followed the three rules... can't wait to start seeing her ideas show up in our news feed!


  6. Did all three things, happily. You are a great resource for her!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  7. I had to go and were there to help me in the beginning, so it was nice that I could leave a comment for someone new! :)

    Third Grade All Stars

  8. Just headed over and left a comment and followed! That has been my favorite part about blogging so far! Comments and collaboration with other bloggers :) Thanks for linking us all up!


  9. Headed on over to her blog! I love it already! :)

    Happy Friday!

  10. I followed her and gave her a great link for free clip art and backgrounds! You are such a nice friend :)

    My Journey to 5th Grade