We have been studying geometry for a few weeks now! I hated geometry as a kid, but I think it is fun to teach! It's strange that some kids are so brilliant in math and have such a hard time with geometry! Weird...

I found this super cute pin on Pinterest but can't find the original source:( 

Students made a geome"TREE"!

So I had my kids make their own too! They made their own geome"tree" from one of these topics
-lines and line segments-

No outlines, no guides, it was ALL them! From scratch!

I LOVE how they turned out!

Then today we played a geometry review game I made!

I would project a question on the board. Students would work with their partner to solve it on a white board. When I said SHOW they held up their boards. If they got it right, they would roll the die and place the number in the box. I used double die to make it an extra step of multiplying the numbers together:)

Then after all the questions were done, they added up their points!
Score on a geometry, multiplication, and addition lesson:)

This game has 27 questions for students to answer!

Directions how to play and materials you will need

A recording sheet for their dice rolls

The kids really enjoyed playing the game today! 

Another way I think this would be fun, would be to place the questions around the room like a scavenger hunt! They can check their OWN answers by flipping over the paper.

I am working on adding this to my TpT and TN stores tonight...maybe! I have to get up early. 

Make a guess to what I am drinking right now and you will win this for free! Please don't duplicate an answer!

Kathy was also my winner of my Author's Purpose and Quadrilaterals activities. Check your email!

Have a great night and a very happy Friday tomorrow:)


  1. I love the GeomeTREE! So cute! Great idea!

    I think you are drinking Starbucks,
    Collaboration Cuties

    1. You would think right??? I would LOVE one right now! Maybe later:)

  2. What a great game and bulletin board idea! I love them both and we're starting Geometry right after spring break, too!! I say you're drinking water right now (well, that's what I'm drinking anyway!).


  3. I saw this on pinterest too and repinned it for next year (just have to remember to look through my pins!). My class loves when I post things around the room like a scavenger hunt - I try to incorporate it as much as I can.

    I am going to guess Pepsi because that is my favourite thing to drink!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  4. WINE!! Maybe it's because I needed a glass after today...

    Angela :)
    Angelanerby (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. Coffee - to get through everything you need to do.

    Love your products

    Belinda Reedman

  6. I will guess you were drinking a smoothie. Cute ideas!


  7. I think that you are drinking a diet coke! I love coke products! I absolutely love all your products!

    Kris Ferretti

  8. I think you are drinking an iced coffee.
    I love these ideas! As I was scrolling through the pictures, I noticed that your students have a tab on their pencils. Is that their student or class number? My class would love to do that! We are constantly finding pencils on the floor and don't know who lost them. They even have desks and zipper pencil pouches to use. :)

    1. It's their class number. I am tired of buying the expensive pencils and they lose them or take them! So I gave them each one pencil with their number. So far so good!

  9. How about a diet pepsi then?

  10. Oh Em GEEE! I love those trees! I am going to pin that for next year. I keep telling my grade 3 buddies about your blog and TPT store because I love your stuff! Hmmmm... Last night I wished I was drinking a peach bellini (yummy!) Were you having a coke zero?

    1. You are too sweet. Thank you. And won!! Coke Zero is my soda choice! I will email this to you very soon!