Talkative class??? I think I have the simple solution!

It's fall break over here in Hawaii! No leaves to jump in or to rake, but I have plenty of beaches and I plan on taking advantage of the time with my hubby!

I wanted to talk about a new strategy I started Thursday. I have a sweet bunch of kiddos, but they are still SO talkative! I had to try something new again! And this time, I think it worked!

First, I made a tally sheet with their names on it. Each time they talked or I had to ask them to pay attention they got a tally mark. 
This was a picture of the first day

 Some kids got the hint after they knew I was giving them a tally or two. Each tally is also a minute off their recess. Then at the end of the day, I sent this little note home!

The blue highlighting from the tally sheet above are the few that turned this note back into me. I sent home a second notice for those who didn't turn theirs in. 

This was today's tally sheet.
Less talking for sure! I made the addition of adding a warning column. I gave out a ton of warnings today! Many of my kiddos had a rough time in PE:( But overall, this went GREAT. 

 After two days of using this, I broke the form up into warning, morning and afternoon.
I carry this tally sheet around on a clipboard that opens up!
 Inside I keep extra tally sheets, the behavior form, and an award certificate

At the beginning of each day, I tell my kids I am looking for an "EGG"cellent student! I made this poster to have in my room.

At the end of the day I give out this certificate.

Yesterday and today the kids LOVED this! 

I wanted to make it one step better! I found this adorable stuffed animal on ETSY.

This is from Plushoff and I ordered TWO! I ordered one for me and another for ONE OF YOU:)

I plan on letting the "EGG"cellent student of the day keep it on their desk the following day!

Overall, I think this is a very simple, easy to use management system. 

If you would like to WIN the unit I am working on and an EGG, leave a comment below! I will pick a winner Sunday! 

If you have any questions about this management tool, please ask. I feel like I left something out!

I do have a giveaway ending tomorrow evening, Hawaii time! 


  1. i definetly want to try this in my class. It is an excellent idea. I love the note home!

  2. I love this idea! Not only are you rewarding the students that show good behavior you have excellent data to share with parents about their child. I teach first and my students have a hard time shouting out and getting quiet, they would love winning the egg and so would I!

  3. This looks great, and so simple! I think we might have the same class. I feel like I'm reading about my class each time I read your blog! :0)

  4. What a great idea! I have a very chatty class too!

  5. Neat idea! I have a very chatty group of boys - surprisingly my girls are the quiet ones!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats in Kindergarten

  6. Your talking management idea sounds terrific. I like the tally chart and the letter you sent home informing parents of how many times they were talking at inappropriate times. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. What a great idea! Sorry that you are missing the Fall weather with all its fixins...but I have to at the Jersey Shore we are bit in the same was 85 degrees yesterday! Ugh! It doesn't feel like fall at all. I guess we will be thankful when the the cold sets in...these days are considered gifts around here.


  8. I love this idea! I teach 1st grade and have a sweet bunch of students but they can be talkative at times. I'm definitely going to use your tally mark idea! My kids would totally eat up the egg-cellent student idea!

  9. I could really use this too! My class is one of the "talkiest" classes I have taught! Maybe it's because there are so many of them. I would love to give this a try! Thank you for the freebie too.

  10. I love this idea! Not just for talkativeness but behavior in general! Definitely going to give it a try!

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  12. Great idea! I think my students would love the EGGcelent student reward!

  13. This is fantastic. I am having the same problem in my room. One student noticed and pointed out that one half of the room is more chatty than the other. Have you had any negative comments from parents regarding the notes home? At conferences one mom challenged me when I told her that her daughter was talkative. She then commented, "Do you expect her to ignore her friends when they talk to her?" Well, yes, I do, especially if I am teaching. How dare I have such high expectations :-) Hope your chart keeps working for you, think I should to give it a try!

  14. Great idea! Love the egg:) I have the same's always the same students talking and they don't seem to realize that everyone includes them. Hopefully, they will want the egg bad enough to control their talking. Love your notes home too!

  15. Great idea - and so simple! I have a great class this year, but sure could have used it last year :)

  16. I find that it's usually the same kids that need the reminders. Do you think it will work for them? The good kids get it after a few reminders but the interupters don't always just get it.

  17. This is great. I needed this reminder to start walking around with my clipboard and tally sheet again because my kids will not stop talking at all this year. THANK YOU.

  18. This is a GREAT idea. I have a chatty group as well and this looks easy to incorporate. You always have good ideas.

  19. I LOVE this idea! I will definitely start this Monday. I have several yacky ducks in my classroom and this may come in handy at conference time if their behavior doesn't improve.
    Thank you!