Talkative Class Part 2 and a WINNER

Thanks for all the great comments from my post yesterday about my classroom management tool for a talkative class! 

I would like to answer a few questions some of you asked!

Have I had any negative comments from parents?
I just started this Thursday! So nothing so far! I have explained to my parents it is not just their child, it is about 75% of my class! They are all SO sweet! But very talkative. I have a hard time getting through a lesson without being interrupted. Sometimes I have to repeat directions 4 or 5 times because they are not paying attention. This is why I added on the form "talking or not paying attention."

I find that it's usually the same kids that need the reminders. Do you think it will work for them? 
I think so! I reward the students who don't get any warnings to tally marks. I forgot this part yesterday! See I knew I would forget something:)

On top of picking an "EGG"cellent student, any student who doesn't get on my sheet-that is no warnings or tallies, gets a token at the end of the day! These are their tokens for the Super Improvers Wall (Whole Brain Teaching).
I blogged about my Super Improvers Wall a few weeks ago! You can see this post HERE. I am telling kids eat up these tokens! They will do ANYTHING for a token!

I also have been using a weekly behavior sheet for each kid at the end of the day! My kids love it and so do my parents! it really only takes 5 minutes at the end of each day for the kids to fill it out and for me to sign! 

Thanks to Kim over at Finding the Joy in 6th Grade for making the original behavior sheet!
Here is my post on that from a few weeks ago.

I decided to change up this form to match the tally marks. I also added a teacher comments box in case I need to write something down.
I haven't started this yet, but will when we come back from fall break. If you would like this form for free, just click HERE!

I also want to give out my tally sheet! So many of you said they wanted to try it! Well, Here it is!
Just click on the picture! 
I hope you can use it!
I have a winner of my one item from my store and a $15 Target gift card!
I asked my husband to pick a number and he picked number 1
The winner is...
Liz from Teaching in the Valley
I will be sending you an email shortly! 
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! My husband and I went to a Hawaii Home Buyers Convention today! I can't wait to get our first home!!!

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  1. Love all the ideas for our Chatty Cathys!!! They are out of control this year with their chit chat. We just did a post on the same subject! We love all the great tricks and will keep these ones on hand for the next round of tricks!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade