Finding Equivalent Fractions~UPDATE

I gave my Equivalent Fractions Task Cards a much needed, overdue face lift! 

This unit now has:
24 task cards in color and black and white
recording sheet
and an answer key

If you bought this unit from me, please go back and redownload! 

Want to win a copy?
Just leave a comment telling me your favorite unit to teach in math-with your email and I will pick a winner tomorrow 8pm Hawaii time:)

Happy Tuesday!


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  2. I love teaching data and measurement. There is so much you can do to make it hands on and interactive. My visual learners usually thrive! We are in the middle of our fraction unit and about half of my students are still struggling with equivalent fractions. Fractions are fun, but hard for a lot of my students!

  3. I love teaching multiplication because it's exciting for the kids, and it represents a new beginning. Plus, it's visual, and there are different strategies that make learning multiplication fun.

  4. I love to teach geometry. Lots of fun projects with that topic.

  5. I love teaching intro to fraction and fraction concepts. It's so much fun to see the lightbulbs go off! My email is

  6. I love teaching geometry and fractions. This set looks great.

  7. I love teaching multiplication and division using manipulative.

  8. I also love teaching multiplication and division and when you add in variable, the students feel like they are very "grownup" and learning something really important for their future. Thanks for sharing these. They look great!


  9. Teaching the geometry unit is so much fun! Third graders bring some schema to it, and we do so many fun hands-on activities. At the end we all feel successful.

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