Valentine's Day Compliment Project!

Yesterday we had my 4th annual Valentine's Day Compliment Project! And I must say, the kids LOVED it once again! I don't think I will ever go back to traditional Valentine Cards! This project is more meaningful, creative, and students will hang on to it for a very long time instead of just throwing those silly little cards away with a name on it. 

If you want to read about my blog post from last year, just click HERE!

The first thing my kids do is write compliments about each person in the classroom. I give them a good 5 weeks to do this at home. I have a simple template they use to do this on. 

I gather all the compliments from each student and we sort them. So all the compliments the kids wrote about Ben, would go in one bag! 

Then the day of the project, each student picks a bag from the bucket. It can't be their own. So let's say James picked Connie's bag. James would make a poster for Connie using her compliments!

They each get a white sheet of poster board. Their first job was to write the person's name in the middle. Next was to glue on the compliments. 

Then student's got to decorate the posters!
Parents donate fun Valentine Crafts to make this project a success! We had A LOT this year!

And at the end, we shared the posters and presented them to the person we made them for! 

This has to be one of my favorite classroom projects ever! It would even be a great end of the year project!

What did you do for VDay in your class?

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