Table Shelves {organization & classroom management}

I KNOW all of you have seen this picture before...I just know it!

Am I right??? I first saw this picture 3 years ago and! Dandelions and Dragonflies set up her classroom so perfect...I was officially jealous! I wanted to have those table shelves sooooo bad! 

I have never had enough shelves to do something like this, or the space, or the money to buy everything. 

When I first started teaching in Hawaii last year I was fortunate to have 10 metal bookshelves. I used them to store all sorts of things...math games, book boxes, binders, paper towel, and so on. 

At the end of the year I was playing around with the room arrangement and decided to finally try giving each table group a shelf. I didn't do much with it since I only had a week left, but I wanted to see what it would look like as far as space.

Here they are from last year

Nasty, old, rusted metal shelves. 
I did LOVE how they looked as far as the room arrangement went...but if I was to have something like this next school year, they needed to be remodeled, updated, and pretty:)

So this year I moved to a new classroom at the same school and it was a remodeled room. Instead of having 10 shelves, I now have 6. They got rid of a ton of them because the rust was so bad. So every classroom now has 6.

Anyways, I got busy thinking how I wanted to update them and what I wanted to put on them. I really like how they turned out! The shelves also help with part of my classroom management strategy. 

Take a look!

SO easy to use, and the kids just love it. If I forget to move the magnet, the kids make sure to tell me:)

How do you manage your classroom supplies and jobs?

Have a great weekend! I am going to do my best and stay safe inside my house! The hurricanes are coming to Oahu in just a few hours! CRAZY!


  1. I love how your shelves turned out. I fell in love with the same picture. I just moved to fifth grade and the kids switch classes and not sure if I need them….maybe????

  2. Contact paper, eh? Thanks for the tip, I just moved in to a new classroom that has some old nasty-looking book cases--now I know how to fix it!

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  3. I started using the table shelves 3 years ago! I. LOVE. THEM! I'm sure you will too! I never thought to cover and decorate the shelves though. Thanks for the great inspiration!