Behavior Bingo 101 how-to

I have had a few people ask me how I do my Behavior Bingo. I thought today I would talk about how I use it! It is extremely easy and the kids just love it!

First of all, I get a 100 number pocket chart. Here is mine. I place all the black numbers inside of the pockets and don't use the other ones. Then, I use index cards and make a second set of numbers 1-100. I have about 5 WILD cards. I make sure the cards will fit in the pockets, decorate them and place them in a hanging basket by the bingo board.
This is this years bingo board. I still have yet to put the numbers in. But do you see the basket? That's where I place my decorated second set of numbers. I also have a BINGO poster that explains how they can earn a bingo chip as I call them, but they really are the decorated chips from the basket. 

Here are the posters I use to explain how to earn chips. The first one is the one I am using this year and the second one is from previous years.

So how does this all work? Well, I use this as a whole class reward system. You could easily use this as individual or groups by printing out a 100 board and they color in the spaces. 

So when the whole class does something that I feel is positive behavior they can earn pulls from the bucket. Like walking quietly in the hall, having great behavior in specials, a great note from a sub, anything like that. 

Right away, the two hopping helpers of the week come in and pull however many chips I tell them from the bucket and place it in front of the number in the pocket chart. 

Once they have a row filled up they earn a BINGO party. It can be a popcorn party, pj party, or whatever else your class thinks about. We usually do a vote. Parties can happen a few times a year depending on how well the kids respond to the system. 

This year, I am also doing the mystery person. So when the mystery person does their job and I reveal who it is at the end of the day, the class will earn chips. I will reward the whole class because no one will know who the mystery person is. I will also give that mystery person something special too! I hope this helps with understanding how to do a whole class behavior bingo! 

Last year I did two separate behavior bingo's for my literacy class and my homeroom class. Instead of having 2 pocket charts and 2 different sets of numbers I just made a 100 board on PowerPoint and had students color in the numbers when they were pulled. 

If you would like more information just ask! Maybe this will be a new tool for you to use this coming school year!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. This sounds wonderful!! I *love* it and I have about 4 extra 100's charts in my closet!! Thank you for the fabulous idea!!! :))))
    Rowdy in Room 300

    1. You are so welcome! The kids really love it and it is super easy to use!

    2. I JUST (today) got a teaching position and I'm looking for a whole class behavior method. I'm LOVING this, but want to make sure that I completely understand it!! So if the students are quiet in the hallway, they earn one chip. The chart is blank now, but you have two sets -- what are the two sets for, if they are quiet and you pull one from the bucket, what is the second set for? Maybe a silly question, but I'm really hoping to utilize this :)
      THANK YOU!!

    3. Congrats on your teaching position! I remember getting my first position! The chart is blank only because I have not put the pieces in yet! I have the 100 board filled with the numbers it comes with! I make a second fun set so when I tell them to pull a chip they place the fun one over the number in the chart. So if they pull a 54, they place the 54 over the other 54 in the chart.

  2. Hi Tonya! Is there any way you could make these Bingo Posters editable? I would love to use them, but would like to edit them! You can e-mail me at


    1. I don't have these any more:( I can't believe this post was 4 years ago! Thanks for reminding me about this system I used...I've been thinking about trying something other than DoJo for awhile now!