Do you use a Reading and Writing Notebook???

I have been working today on creating my reading center binder but also adding writing workshop stuff to it. This school year our reading block and writing block will be meshed together. 

I wanted to blend these two binders together for a few reasons...
1. space
2. something else the kids don't have to take care of (2 binders)

As of right now, I just have the reading part done. I do a modified daily 5 center time, so it is more of a weekly daily 4! It just works better for the ESL cluster I get for literacy! I co-teach with the ESL teacher and each of our kids get guided reading every day, centers, language, independent reading, and sometimes a double dose of guided reading! It's pretty awesome!

So here is what I have so far!
So what do you think?

The check of sheet is very helpful for the kids. They also turn this in weekly, stapled with all of their center work to it! The pictures also help those ESL kids who are very new to the country...we have a lot of these super cute kiddos each year! Then, they have 5 recording sheets to record their work. This has also worked very well! I always have line paper in each of the sections for the students to write on so they don't have to go find it. 

So the writing part...this is where I am struggling:( Before, I have had topics to write about, a high frequency word list, grammar papers, and spell/revise/edit check sheet. I feel like I am at a loss now for bringing these two together. 

What do you have in your writer's notebook? Any suggestions of what I should add? I would love to hear any of your suggestions!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! See you tomorrow for Monday Made it-where I have 5 items to show you, 4 are FREEBIES and 1 is a possible giveaway!


  1. I love these:-) are these available somewhere on your site?

  2. I use a folder for writer's workshop. They keep resources there and only two writing pieces at a time. For literacy, we use a composition books. No centers, nor copies for me :)
    My Second Sense