Happy Birthday! Come get your present:)

Happy Birthday America! I hope you are all having fun celebrating! It is a beautiful day here in NC...but I don't feel well to enjoy it:( I probably slept about 3 hours last night! I had a nasty headache! I am actually thinking about taking a nap here shortly!

So last night I completed one project! This is the container I will use to put all my mystery person circles in!
I bought the container yesterday from A.C Moore for $1.00! I painted it this sparkly purple and used my neon green sharpie paint pen to write the ? on it. I had some flowers left over from my Tadpole Tokens so I thought I would add those too! The mystery person circles fit right in! I love it:)

So my hubby came home from Sam's Club the other day and brought this nice huge box with him. It was holding all the grocerys. I really think I could use it for something...but what? I know, I know, it is a maxi pad box...but, it will be painted over or something! Any ideas?

Since it is the 4th of July, our nations birthday, I thought I would give everyone a gift:) I had the birthday balloons last year on pixi sticks and my kids loved it:)
So this year I wanted to make some new balloons!

If you would like a free copy, all you have to do is go HERE:) I hope you like them! Have a safe and fun 4th of July!


  1. Ahh!! I love these balloons! Thanks for sharing them with us! Happy 4th to you. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Happy 4th Tonya. I hope you feel better soon.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Yay! Thanks for the birthday balloons! I pinned this idea on Pinterest and it's on my "to-do" list for summer. Thank you!

  5. Thanks everyone! I took a 3 hour nap and then the hubby went and got me some caffeine and dinner:) I felt so much better!