Fabulous Find Friday and some girl time:)

I am linking up once again with Elizabeth over at Fun in Room 4B for Fabulous Find Friday! 

I am by no means a scrapbooker...tried it back in college...didn't do so well! Plus it was just so darn expensive and on a college student's budget, it wasn't happening!

But you know, my hands have been tired for SO long of cutting things out. I just had to go buy a cutter. I first bought a 2inch circle punch and that thing is awesome! But, I wanted something more for my task cards and other things. Michael's had these cutters on sale for 40% off plus my teacher's discount...score! I have used this bad Larry many times already and am pretty happy about it. I only wish now is I bought a bigger one! Oh well!

I was so happy to get some girlfriend time today! It was nice to grab lunch and do some school shopping with a good friend of mine! Look what I came home with from the Teacher Supply Store!
Now, I don't buy a ton there because I would rather make my own stuff...BUT every year I always get a few staples that I use throughout the year! I needed the clips for my mystery person holder, I use the desk name plates for my class scheduling and centers schedules, the frog name tags I always use to label center bins and such, the frog awards-well those are new to me this year. I thought instead of using my ink for my class soaring eagle award(our school we are the eagles that soar) I would use these, the frog intensive pads-well I haven't had those either but I just had to have them, and the new trimmers! They match my color scheme and I really wanted just a little something new! I hope it works out well! 

Have a fabulous friday everyone! I am off to make this from Pinterest! 


  1. Have to giggle at the fact that any outing for a teacher always mysteriously ends at a teacher store! Love it! Our lil old Larry may need to be replaced by a new, shinier model maybe we'll call him Mike ;)
    -Christy & Tammy

  2. I like your theme! You got some great things!

  3. Michael's gives a teacher discount?? How did I not know this!!

    Strive to Sparkle

  4. ooooohhh...I like that paper cutter. Does it have that arm that slices down? Mine only has this sliding blade that is ok, but I don't love it. I'm interested in this guy...Thanks Tonya!

    1. Yeah the arm slices down! That's the part about it that I LOVE! It was $11.00 after all the discounts!

  5. I love my paper cutter, too. Can't live without it! I'm loving your Pinterest find, too.
    Thanks for linking up:)

  6. Thanks, Tonya, for telling me about the 40% off and the teacher discount. I went and bought a paper trimmer on Friday after work after reading your post.
    The Idea Backpack