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Hey all, it's time for another Friday Freebie!
Today I would like to welcome Aimee from Pencils Books and Dirty Looks

T.G.I.J.!  Thank Goodness It’s June!  Hopefully you are already enjoying your summer vacation or finishing up with your last few days of school.  I’m Aimee from Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks and happy to be Tonya’s Friday Freebie for this week!  

 I know most of you aren’t giving next school year a thought for at least a few weeks, but in case you are I thought I would offer my End of the Day Jar. 

  It’s a jar full of questions for students to help build community in the classroom.  Do your students ever need an activity to fill those last few minutes of the school day before dismissal?  My students did!  I wanted to come up with something quick, fun and meaningful to help end the day on a positive note.   

Each day after students packed up for home we would come up to the meeting area and pull a few cards.  Depending on how quickly and quietly my students packed up would determine how many students got to pull from the jar.  Some of the questions were “What did you learn today?”   “Did any of your classmates do anything funny?”  “Did you do something kind for someone else today?” 

 My students loved answering the questions and it really prompted them to think about their day.  This was a bonus, but the real up side for me was that they were engaged even up to the last few minutes of the day!  

 I hope this freebie helps you as you begin to think about fall and your end-of-the-day activities!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! I always enjoying having the opportunity to talk with my students about how they feel and about things other than school work. This jar will make a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the little people I'm with! Thanks for the freebie!
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