Monday Made It Flash Freebie:)

Monday is almost over...and to be honest, I am quite happy about that! It's been a draining day! I sold my car this morning:( I have had her for 12 years! I keep looking outside for Reba but she is not there!

The pod came! Yup, this move just GOT REAL!

Then I took all my clothes and placed them on my bed. I had to sort them into 3 categories
1. whats going in the pod
2. what's going in suitcase A (the one we are not opening until we get to Hawaii)
3. what is going in suitcase B (what we are living out of across country)

Mind you...suitcase B my hubby and I have to SHARE. I was trying to pack clothes I will need right away fro work in suitcase A, relaxing clothes for suitcase B, and what I won't need for 2 months in a box to put in the pod. 

Tomorrow...going through my school stuff one more time to see what I can box up and mail to my inlaws. This way I can have some stuff ready for my new room!

Speaking of new room. I decided not to change colors this year. I really don't have the money and I have a TON of great stuff. So, I bought some new paper to brighten up some old stuff:)

So with this new paper I made something for the Monday Made it with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics! And it is a freebie for you until Wednesday!

Last year I pinned this awesome classroom community idea! 

This is for sure happening in my new classroom for a few reasons! 
1. overall it is a great way to bring HOME into your classroom! I have always felt that the classroom should feel like a home away from home! 

2. but the big reason why I really want to do it this year is because of where I am going to be working! The school I will be at is on a military base with 99% of the population having parents in the military! I think having pictures around will make life at school a bit easier!

The other day I watched Lilo and Stitch for the first time...yes, the first time. It was SO cute! I just love the Ohana quote used a few times in the movie and I instantly thought of this picture frame idea!

So I did some looking around on Pinterest and found this cute picture!

But I really wanted to make my own! I plan on printing it out and putting it in it's own frame on top of a bookshelf with all the families pictures!

I think this quote can be a great one to live by in the classroom! We are a classroom community where groups work together and never leave anyone out.

If you would like a copy of this, you can get it HERE:) for free until Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by! I am off to check out some Monday Made it's!  

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  1. Wow! I couldn't imagine living out of a shared suitcase! Maybe I take back that cross country thing haha!

    The ohana sign is perfect! I will be using it when I make that family portrait shelf too! It is even better with military families. So smart! Thanks so much for sharing!

    The Polished Teacher

  2. Thanks for sharing the freebie! I love the papers you bought!

    Success in Second Grade

  3. Good luck on your move Tonya! I have just moved interstate (in Australia) and I am still unpacking boxes, I sympathise with the sorting and deliberating on what you need, it is really harder than what you think it is going to be. I really like your idea of the classroom community, we are a military family and my kids are always the new kids so anything to make kids feel welcome and accepted in a classroom gets my thumbs up!
    Best wishes for your new adventure!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  4. I love the two ohana posted that you posted...they are very uplifting. Best of luck with your move. I am so excited for you as this new journey begins.

  5. I love the idea of students bringing in a family picture. It makes me tear up that they would have that piece of home - especially when most of them have parents or family members that are away for long periods of time.

    This is what teaching is about - loving our students and meeting their needs.

  6. I love the family photo display idea! Now you've got me thinking about where I could put that in my room.

    I've enjoyed reading all the tidbits about your upcoming move. It must be hard to move such a long way, but what a great adventure!

    Learning in the Little Apple