Friday Freebie Time!

Welcome to my 3rd week of Friday Freebie!

I want to take a second and really thank the people who leave comments on this Friday Freebie. I am getting a ton of traffic but not a lot of comments. The featured bloggers are providing a free item for you and taking some to do an extra blog post. So please, if you do take the freebie, leave some love! We all know how much each one of us love a comment! Even if it's to say thanks!

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Today, Tracey from Third Grade All Stars is showing off some super cute banners!

Hello everyone!  I’m Tracey from Third Grade All Stars and I’m super happy to be Tonya’s Friday Freebie for this week!

I LOVE hanging banners on my front chalkboard.  I like to change them for each holiday or each season.  My students love coming into the classroom when a new holiday is coming to see the new banner.  Their smiles make all the printing, laminating, and attaching worth it!

Some of my banners I have available in my TPT store.  This is my newest banner. 

It is a Welcome to Our Class Banner.  I’ve added 5 adorable pencils that you can add to your banner wherever you would like to.

Make sure you go snap this goodie up at Tracey's TpT shop

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Love these freebies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This freebie is really cute! We are having a rock n roll theme this year so the stars fit in perfectly. Our hallway is practically empty (there are only 3 of us) so I'm always looking for things to fill the space. Thank you for generously sharing!

  3. I am super excited to be one of your Friday Freebie Bloggers Tonya! I've finally made the big time! :)

    Third Grade All Stars

  4. I'm a banner girl too:) Unfortunately, I'm not the best at changing them out. I still had my X-Mas one up the week before Valentine's Day...oops! My kids kind of laugh at it and suggested I just put them all up the first day of school and leave them there, then I never have to change them. Cute, like those pencils. Haha


  5. Love this freebie! This banner is cute!

  6. Love this banner....perfect for my classroom next year as I'm doing star/outer space theme! :)

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! I love the stars! They will look great in front of my classroom!