Winners and some new frames and fonts

I am knee deep in boxes! Anyone want to come over and help???

After running some errands with the hubby today, more packing, I was able to sit down and try my hand at something...making some chalk frames! 
Well, and another doodle frame:)

I don't know...not sure if I made the chalk frames right.I am really not in love with these as I want to be! 
What do you think?
I am debating on adding them to my store...

On another note, I made a new front! I need to get back into this!
If you have my fonts, I will be adding this to the bunch soon! Just make sure to go back and redownload! I plan on making some more this weekend!

Last but not Attention Grabber Winners! 

I am talking to my best friend in the whole wide world, Lori, and I asked her to pick 3 numbers! are the winners...

Suzy Q

Check your inbox:)

And for those of you that didn't get the attention grabbers...I am marking them on sale 20% off for two days! Snag em' up now while they are on sale:)

Back to work I go! Have a great night!


  1. Yippee! I can definitely use some more attention grabbers in my rotation.

    I like your chalkboard frames, but maybe you could move the white line in so there is more black at the edge? (Although art was never my strong subject, that's for sure!)

  2. Love your new frames and fonts. I just got an iPad and would love to know what app you use to make your fonts and frames.

    Hopefully you are about done with the packing part and can begin enjoying the move. Have safe travels on your way to Seattle and then Hawaii. Good luck with your new position too.

  3. I love the chalkboard frames! They look great :) The only thing I could think is if there's a way to add a little light brushed white so it looks like it's been erased? I love them either way, though! What program do you use to make your frames and fonts?

    Hope you are getting close to being done with packing! At least you know there's a beautiful move in sight :)


    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I will try that! I use artstudio for the frames and ifont for the fonts:)

      I am SO not close to being sucks. Hubby works 3rd so it is hard to pack during the day when he is sleeping. And at night, I am too tired! HAHA!

  4. Thanks so much for the attention grabbers! I am so excited to use them next year in my classroom.

    Hope your packing is getting done. I can't imagine doing that!