Random Act of Kindness by MY Student...I just have to share!

Today was one of those days that makes my job really worth it! You know what I am talking about? I had one of the most selfless and random acts of kindness I have seen in my 7 years of teaching happen today...by a student! 
I just want to share it with you!

So today one of my students, let's call him L, forgot his lunch money. He started to get really upset and cry, a lot. I told him everything would be ok! He asked to call his dad, and of course I told him he could. 

A few seconds later he came walking over to me with such a sad look and his eyes were very red. He said it didn't work, he couldn't get a hold of him. He hung on to me crying. I told him I will email mom and dad and I am sure they will come. If not, not to worry. I will buy you lunch, give you my lunch or I am sure the cafeteria will give you food. You won't go hungry.

Then I told him to walk down to the bathroom, get a drink, and wash his face! He walked out of the room.

Meanwhile, another student...let's call him Y, heard all of this. But I will tell you Y doesn't understand ONE WORD. He just moved here two weeks ago from Honduras with the shirts on their back. He knows ZERO English. He has been doing his best in class to understand and try, but all I get is " no comprendo." I have about 7 Spanish speaking students in my class and they have been doing an awesome job translating and helping Y get adjusted. L is also a Spanish speaking student but does not get services because he is bilingual. 

Anyways, back to my story:)

As L was washing his face, Y walks over to his bookbag, digs out ALL the change he has. When L walks in, Y gives him every bit of change he has (pennies and dimes) and tells him in Spanish, "Here, you can have my money!" I saw this whole thing happen in front of my eyes and started to cry! I am crying typing this!

Y has nothing, no money, no car, living with another family. but gives his change to a peer in the classroom he hardly knows. Not his best friend, a stranger practically! 

L's mom and dad both emailed me back and came and gave L money. I told them they story and they invited Y over and thanked him. L gave Y back his money and was best friends with him the rest of the day.

I told L, " Now that is the kind of friend you want to have. That is the kind of person you want to be. Someone who does something for someone else without wanting something back. He did that because he wanted to."

I haven't had too many problems with L all year, but this...I think changed him. I could see he was different after this!


Thanks for those that emailed me! I hope you were happy with your item:)

Thank you all for being amazing!


  1. Awwww....that made me cry! So sweet!! :)

    Live Laugh and Love to Learn

  2. That's so sweet! I love when kids randomly do things for each other.

    Smiles and Sunshine

  3. It only takes one person to a make a difference! Y Rocks!


  4. Tonya, what a sweet story. Obviously L knew the actions of being upset and he understood the word money and probably lunch! Amazing how people can communicate without a common language.
    dfrideley@gmail.com - I'd love TR Color Frames Set 1

  5. That is absolutely amazing. What a great lesson for both students. Sometimes I think we underestimate our kiddos!
    I love your doodle frame set 2.

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  6. Love these types of stories. This is true teaching, only by the students and not out of a textbook. A simple yet profound lesson was shared. You are an amazing example for your students too.

    rkzoglmann@gmail.com--- I would love the TR Color Frames Set to complete my collection from you. Thanks for this.

  7. Awww.....what a heartwarming story! What a sweetheart Y is!

    And thank you for your kindness, too! I'd love your poppin multiplication facts....primaryinspired@gmail.com

  8. Stories like this keep us going. Acting out of kindness is far more important than any performance on a standardized test. Thanks for sharing.
    I love your End of Year Memory Book.

  9. Tonya - what a nice story to remember and share!
    And a nice "treat" from you - I'd like your TR dot frame sets 1 (and I added a couple things to my wish list :)

  10. What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing...I got tears in my eyes too!
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  11. I love that sweet story! Thank you so much for sharing. Hearing little bits of kindness like that is so uplifting!
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  12. I am SOOOOO moved and touched by this story ... I blogged about kindness today, too.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  13. What a great story to share! Thank you! You made me cry. :')

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    Thanks for the freebie!
    Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom

  14. Tonya, reading this made me tear up. What an inspiring and precious story!

    Thanks for your generosity. I'd love to have your Doodle Frames Set 2.
    One Happy Teacher

  15. What a beautiful story of kindness. Thanks for sharing the story and a product.

  16. Oh my goodness! I love this story! My class this year was a close little class family and I could see them helping each other out!

  17. Oh Tonya that is such a beautiful story! You had me tearing up! So sweet! Incredible that those who have so little are willing to give all they have! Thanks for sharing!


  18. You are so great! It is so wonderful to see your students do something so kind!! I would love your Blooms taxonomy Clouds.


  19. What a touching story, thanks. You have obviously taught them well!

    I would love your reading is sweet unit. Thank You!

    I will pay it forward....promise :)

  20. I am so moved by your story....most kids would not have cared.
    I hope that these boys are friends from now on.....
    Debbie mccld032@aol.com

  21. What a beautiful moment! Thanks for sharing!

    I would LOVE your doodle frames set 3! Thanks!


  22. What a wonderful story! Truly shows you that kindness is universal. You have a very special student in Y.

    I'd like your Doodle Frames Set 2, please. Thank YOU for your kindness, Tonya!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  23. That is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing his RAOK and your own! I would love your Doodle Frames Set 2 please. Thank you!!!

  24. That is such a sweet story ... It makes you feel so good when you see your students showing kindness and compassion. We can all use more of that in this world. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'd appreciate the Milk and Cookies: Fractional Parts of a Set activity. Now I'll be thinking of a RAK to do today to pay it forward.


  25. What an awesome story! Kids understand each other in any language when there is a need. That brought tears to my eyes as well. Thanks for sharing. I would love your Data and Graphs Interactive Notebook to use with my class this year.


  26. Thanks for sharing the story.
    You have lots of great things in your store. I would love to have the
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  27. Wow! Aren't kids just amazing sometimes? I have a non-verbal, immobile, globally delayed child in my classroom and on special occasions like Hallowe'en or Valentine's Day a few of the kids bring her pudding because they know she cannot eat candy and chocolate. All on their own they have thought to do this. They are so cute! Thanks for being so generous and I would love to have your colour frames set.
    Thanks again! kyuill@gmail.com

  28. That gave me goosebumps! How sweet! Jennifer

    3rd grade common core dates taught Eng./LA

  29. What a great story! I would love your morning checklist.
    Thank you!

  30. These moments are priceless!
    Debbie Jacobson

  31. Thank you for sharing this encouraging story! Y sounds like a remarkable young man with a generous, empathetic spirit. What a leader!

    Thank you, as well, for your generosity!

    I'd be pleased as punch to receive the Odd and Even Math Poke Game. :)
    Thanks again!

  32. What a great testament to the human spirit! Thank you for sharing:)

  33. What a great story!! I love when kids do things like this :)

    You are so sweet for sharing with all of us! I would love your TR Doodle Frames Set 2 :) Thank you so much!

    Lauren Lynes

  34. What a wonderful story! I love when the students show us just how big their hearts are! I like your TR Doodle Frame Set 2. Thanks


  35. That gave me tears as I was reading! What a great lesson!!
    I like your 3rd grade math common core dates taught..

  36. Too many kids have too much..and just don't get it!What a great example of RAK:)))
    Lisa Addison

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  38. This is awesome. Sometimes these are the moments you can cherish the most.
    I mustache you a question.
    Thank You!

  39. This is such an inspirational story. I'm glad that you were able to witness such an amazing act from a child who has nothing. I started following you once I read that you were moving to Hawai'i. I was born and raised in Hawai'i and recently moved to California in June of last year. I miss Hawai'i dearly and I'm sure you'll enjoy it there. There is a lot of Aloha spirit there! Wishing you the best living in paradise!

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    Lei Anna

  40. Your story is so heart-warming! Thank you for sharing. I love your products & would be tickled to have your Mystery Person Behavior Managment. Thank you for your RAOK. :)


    1. That is such a touching story! Kids have such a way of touching our hearts...most f the time when we need it the most! I'd love your reading is sweet unit...I will be paying it forward today!

      Karen Erhardt