Just a little shopping for me:)

It's been a fantastic Friday and Saturday! 

I am digging listening to the 90's on Pandora as I am typing this:)

I have been spending a lot of time with friends in between packing, so I apologize for no school related blog stuff lately! I will get back into it, promise! 

I actually have a set time tomorrow I plan on working on some TpT products tomorrow! Hubby's is going to play disc golf and lunch with a friend! So I have a goof 4 hours to myself:) I won't be packing, I will be working on some goodies for you all!

So yesterday I spend a LONG time at Kohls! Why??? There are NO Kohls in Hawaii and I my whole wardrobe is basically from Kohls. So I wanted to get a few things.

I had $20 in Kohls Cash and a 20% off coupon so I just HAD to go:) Here are a few things I picked up!

A few of these basic tee's in different colors. They are so comfortable. I also got a few other shirts, light weight short sleeve cardigans , a skirt, and capris.

My wardrobe here in NC has seriously needed a facelift. All the dark, wintery clothes are just not going to work in Hawaii! I'm all better now:)

Today, I went to the gym and then to Omega, a sport store, to pick up my new gym shoes! They just came from the Brooks warehouse! 

Here are the brand new Ghost 6...ah, LOVE
I have all 3 colors of the Ghost 5 and they have been awesome! My feet have never felt better. I have not had a flare up of my plantar fasciitis in awhile!

Then I met a past coworker for lunch
It was nice to talk outside of school with her. She is the school's Instructional Resource teacher and has been an awesome mentor for me. She has given me such confidence over the past 3 years! I am truly grateful for her!

Then, after lunch I went over to Nordstroms! Yes, I sad Nordstrom! I went in with one purpose and that was it. I was actually put off by some of the workers there. I mean, I wear Kohls clothes and don't look like a Nordstrom's shopper, but that doesn't mean I can't buy something from there. 
A few months back I talked about the sandals I found and fell in love with! Well, I got another pair. I only had one pair of sandals and going to Hawaii, well, I can't have that either!

I really wanted black, but this color is super fun and goes with black! I am happy:) If you have plantar fasciitis problems and a HIGH arch like I do...no joke, just look! I would recommend these shoes!
Yeah, that's my ugly foot!!!

The last thing on my purchase list and my bank account is closed until we move is my Erin Condren Lesson Planner! 
I have officially made my color choice...or so I think!
I was looking at the iPad covers and found this pattern! I am in love with pink and gray right now so I am getting this for my lesson planner

Or I am still on the fence with this one. I like it too
 UGHHHH...it's SO hard:(

Well, I have to get ready to go back out! Hubby and I are going to a going away party for one of my dearest coworkers...she is leaving the school too! She is moving to Texas! 

Have a great Saturday and I will be back tomorrow for some school related stuff! Promise:)

I am also SOOO close to 800 followers! I got an idea in mind for a giveaway! Hopefully I will get there soon!


  1. Love Kohls!! Defintely stock up before you come here...Don't forget to hit that Target dollar section too before you come...ours are slacking :(
    Teaching in Paradise

    1. I am in Target DAILY...it's BAD! wait...I haven't gone yet today! WOW! hehe! Yeah they have a ton of stuff, but with packing, I woudn't know where to put it! LOL

  2. Oh, I love Kohl's too. I have to go to the Big City to go to one, my little city doesn't have one. But I think that's closer than it's going to be for you.

  3. I listen to Pandora all the time and, much to my children's dismay...I often rock the 90's! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. Your foot looks like mine. I'm definitely going to check those shoes out.

    KS and her kids