What a busy first weekend off!

You know, it is been driving me crazy not to get on here and blog. I have a few things I want to share with you all!...but life at my house has been nuts! We are in full packing, selling, and cleaning mode!

This, my friends, is my pile of SOME of my school stuff. I think my husband had a heart attack when he realized how much school stuff I had! 
But hey, this pile also has some Christmas stuff in it. So it is not ALL school stuff;)

I also spent the weekend getting Reba ready! Reba spend all yesterday at the salon. I can't help but be a bit jealous!
But she is really pretty now...don't you think?

Yes, Reba is my 14 year old car! She is a 99 Chevy Caviler that I have had for 11 years. I bought her from a dealer that used her as a rental car. She has over 200,000 miles on it and is still a great car! I hate to part with her, but she is not so lucky with coming to Hawaii!

Yes, her name is Reba! I got this name for my car the first year I had her. I was 20 when I got this car and thought a zebra steering wheel cover was SO COOL. I got one and my best friend named her Reba the Zebra. I also had zebra hanging dice. They are no longer in my car. HAHA. 

She is now ready to be put up for sale! Anyone know someone in the NC area who wants a great car??? 

It's almost 11pm and hubby just left for work. I have some energy...thinking about opening some wine I got from a parent, and start packing my clothes....maybe!

I REALLLYYYY want to blog about school stuff, but my mind is SO preoccupied with the move. Please stay with me...I promise to be back with it soon! 

Please keep me in your thoughts this week. I had 3 calls in ONE day on Thursday...leading to a hopeful two interviews at least. The 3rd wanted an in person interview...which I understand but can't do at this moment! 

Have a great night!


  1. Good luck on your interviews! I'm sure you will get something! Your resume was so impressive when I looked it over! You are a fabulous teacher and any school would be lucky to have you!

    The Polished Teacher

    1. Awww thank you! I really appreciate it. I have my Hawaii License now so it makes it easier! The school that chose not to interview me after they found out I was out of state still was actually on the other side of the island. With traffic it would have made for a LONGGGGG day! So...someone upstairs is sure looking out for me:)

  2. Good Luck with the move and interview! :)

    1. THANKS:) I need all the good lucks I can get!

  3. So exciting about the calls!! I will DEFINITELY send positive vibes your way! Sorry to hear about Reba :( Good luck trying to sell her! She looks like she's in really good shape for being 14 yrs old!