Adding with an expanded algorithm...SAY WHAT???

OK...not my night! I just had this WHOLE post typed out and then was gone:( I think it is time for bed!

But before I do...back to the post! How many of you know what adding with an expanded algorithm means? I didn't until yesterday! How bad is that??? Well, in 3rd grade it is now one of our CCSC 3NBT2. So as a grade level yesterday we actually got planned up until October 12th with the topics we are going to teach! For us...that is a HUGE deal! 

I took it upon myself to make 2 day lessons for this adding with an expanded algorithm objective. I made a PowerPoint that I hope my team would like! 
Then I made a slide for each step

Then slides to do one together for each step. This is just the first step!
Then I have 6 different adding cards teachers can use in many ways-posters, chart paper, groups, white boards...anything you can think of!
Then last, I have two days of homework:)
I am really hoping the kids get the hang of it next week. I may give each group a problem and have them explain how to solve it...since writing to explain is HUGE with the CCSC. We will see!

 If you are interested in this lesson, it is for sale in my TPT and TN stores today! But of course, you could win it for free!

What BIG city do you think my hubby and I are talking about moving to??? 

Just leave a comment and guess! With your email address of course! 

On a side are a few things we have been working on!
Character trait books! 

Working on comparing numbers with place value dice! They LOVED this!

Well...that's it for now! I am actually off to bed! Have a great night and happy Friday tomorrow!!! 


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    1. too close to Raleigh now! Like 10 minutes!

  2. I am guessing if you are from the south you don't want to move north and deal with winter, so Charlotte?

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