A little spring cleaning!

I went into my classroom today and did a little rearranging and cleaning! The area I teach in is FULL of red dirt...so the kids and I clean the classroom daily! 

Here are some new photos~from all 4 corners of my room!

Nothing like a fresh start for Monday!
I have my student teacher starting too! She will be there just for literacy. 

Any tips for me? This is my first one and I am SO excited!


  1. Your room looks very clean and isn't that a great feeling! Tips for a student teacher... Be kind and encouraging, you will realise how much you actually know and can share. Having a student is actually great for your teaching because you are being watched all the time you find yourself remembering to do the things that make lessons better. Have fun with your student teacher. It is lovely having another adult in the room.
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. Oh my goodness your classroom is huge!!!
    Have fun with your student teacher!
    I've never had one but my best experiences as a student teacher myself were with teachers who were encouraging :) It seems so little but it makes a big impact to know that the teacher supports you and believes in you.
    Miss Elementary

  3. What a beautiful classroom! Your student teacher must be delighted! :)