Scribble Frames and Writing Task Cards!

I have had a few days to really focus on my shop and update some older units! I did promise myself to take some ME time this spring break...hitting the beach later this week! 

Today I finished updating my writing task cards! 

I still have 60 different writing prompt task cards, but I updated the fonts, colors and clip art! I also have 4 different ways you can print this file:)
Color with clip art
Color without clip art
Black and White with clip art
Black and White without clip art

Today I have marked them 50% off for today only! You can grab them HERE!

I also was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and doing some doodling:)

I came up with these 14 scribble frames!

They are also 50% off for today:) You can pick them up HERE!

Back to enjoying the sunshine! Happy Tuesday friends!

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