3 hour Delay and a Sale

It was SOOOOO nice to have a 3 hour delay! I sure loved sleeping in! It makes my day go so much faster! I mean, I only have to be here for 3 hours:) 

Ok...so two things! I am having an End of January Sale in my TPT and TN stores! You can take advantage if 20% off everything in the store! Great time to get those things you might have in your wish list! 

I am also working on changing up my math block! I will have pictures to come soon! One thing I am working on adding is math journaling. This would be where students are expected to solve a word problem, but also write about how they solved it....something that they struggle with so much! Be on the lookout for this VERY soon

Well, the kids are here....off to teach! Have a great day!

OH and no one has guessed my favorite TWO flavors for smoothies! I will give a hint...Strawberry is ONE of the two:) What's the other one???


  1. Is your favorite smoothie flavor - Strawberry Banana or Strawberry Chocolate?

  2. How about strawberry mango? :)

  3. How about pineapple/strawberry? (I am getting a lot of good ideas for grown-up drinks with everyone's guesses yesterday and today!)

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  4. How about strawberry peach???

    And I can't wait to see how your math journaling goes!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade


  5. Hmm...how about strawberry kiwi? I was excited to get a delay too, I was kind of thinking we would when they said on the news last night we'd get freezing rain. Still it was nice and I wish every Monday had a delay..at least for the next couple weeks. Lol