Great News, Editable Checklist, new find, and things to come

Today has been a fantastic Monday! I normally don't say that because I HATE Monday's. I mean, who really likes them anyways? Today just has been a very exciting day! My husband text me this morning telling me he booked our one-way tickets to Hawaii! I can't believe it...we are are really moving! All day long I just wanted to shout and scream with excitement! Now, I just have to tell admin! Trying to figure out when I should do it! Any ideas?

The sad part about leaving...I was hoping to loop this year because my kiddos are just that fabulous! They all get along, work hard, making growth, and they are just plain awesome! My two behavior kiddos are not even that bad. I mean, I seriously have the dream class. Oh well:(

Just look at their cute faces today during the science field trip! LOVE it

So after school I had a parent conference. This child has been having a hard time remembering her homework and doing what she needs to in the morning. So...I made this:) 

I am going to laminate it tonight so every morning she can check it, give it to me, and then erase it. This will eliminate copies and help her get organized. I expressed to mom and the girl that my stings are off. In the beginning of 3rd I show them and help them become organized. They are now almost 4th graders and need to start remembering on their own! Doing things on their own without my help. So this will be a tool she can use for awhile to help get her back on track!

I have made this into an editable PowerPoint. This way, you can add your own words to the checklist since your morning-to-do list is probably not the same as mine!
I made it in 4 colors: red, blue, green, and purple. 
I will give the first 3 people to leave a comment this editable file for free. You can pick it up at my TPT and TN stores today!
One other thing I am working on is an old file. It was a Dr. Sesuss inspired end of the year activity but I totally forgot to take it down and TPT did it for me. oops!!! So I am changing the wording, graphics, and adding more activities.
It's never toooooo early to think about it???
And last...I was on Pinterest today and a friend of mine pinned one of the most adorable paper  packs I have seen. So I went to the shop of mooandpuppy and I have to say...I LOVE her paper packs! I want to buy SO many! She is having buy 3 get 2 free right now! YES!
Here are a few I want to buy!

I need help! 


  1. That paper is fabulous - I have just bought my first pack of digital papers and I think I might be hooked - add it to the font and clip art addiction I already had! Good luck on your move.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

    1. if you want the file for free, please give me your email:)

    2. Hi Tonya! I'd love a copy of this file! my email address is thank you!

  2. if you want the file for free, please give me your email:)

  3. Hi. I'd love the editable morning checklist. I've got a few kiddos who could definitely benefit from this posted right at their seat!!
    Good luck with yoiur preparations to move.

  4. Those papers are really cute! And as a 4th grade teacher, I appreciate you taking the strings off ;) I like them to be self-sufficient when they get to me!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

    1. You are welcome! I LOVE being independent and organized and I really teach that hard to my kids!

  5. Hawaii!!! WOW!!!! So exciting. Will you work the rest of the school year?
    Leading and Reading

    1. yes, I am going to finish the year! June is going to be a CRA-ZY month! Ending the school year, going home to michigan for a week, and back to NC to finalize everything and move! YIKES

  6. Good luck on your move to Hawaii!! As a military wife we move around alot, but we never get to go to cool places like Hawaii (from Australia), I am so jealous! We went there for a holiday about 3 yrs ago and my whole family loved it...I would move there in a heartbeat, they have the nicest pineapples..yum. Enjoy the excitement and I would tell admin sooner rather than later to leave on a good note.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  7. Good luck with your move! I LOVE those digi-paper packs you posted. I'm crazy about backgrounds right now. I haven't seen that site before so I'll definitely check it out :)
    Stories by Storie

  8. I like to have those digital papers. My e-mail is

    1. I did not make the papers. The link to them is above!