2013 Resolution Solution Linky Party

I can't believe that 2013 is ALMOST here! I mean, seriously...where did 2012 go? I am ready to move into 2013 as I know this is going to be such an amazing year with many changes for me and my family! 

So tonight I am linking up with Amanda from Teaching Maddeness for her 2013 Resolution Solution Linky Party!

Here are my resolutions:)

1. Continue to be fit
I have done such a great job over the past two months with getting back in a routine with the gym. I have been working out 6 days a week with cardio, strength twice a week on my own, once with my personal trainer, and adding Pilates twice a week! I have even managed to lose weight over the holidays! I just got my blood work back and I have perfect cholesterol and everything came back normal! They said I am in great health! All except being overweight! Ugh:(

2. Start running again
Ever since this summer I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis I had to stop running! But now that it is under control and I feel good, I want to start running today! So...I picked up yet again another new pair of sneakers! Seriously, these are my 4th pair of the Brooks Ghost 5 shoes! They just came out with the pink ones 2 weeks ago! Aren't they super cute???

I even bought my hubby a new pair:) I mean, I couldn't come home with just a pair for me now could I?

3.contact more
I am HORRIBLE with the phone. I always say I don't have time to talk to people. Well, I do have time. So my goal is to call one family member or friend each Sunday and catch up. And every Sunday it will be someone different. I also want to send a card out each week to someone just to say hi. Maybe even put something small inside, like a lotto ticket:) 

4. Stop picking 
I ma a nervous picker of my nails:( I vow to STOP

5. Move and start a family
One of my huge goals, well hubby's too,  for this year is to move and start a family! I can't believe that this is the year all this is going to happen! I have wanted to be a mom for so long! I really am excited to start this next chapter in our lives! It is really fun to look at Hawaiian names to name our children! I still can't get over the fact we are moving there! SO excited!

Since I started blogging in April I have meet some awesome people! One thing I have not done a good job of is comment and visit other blogs. I vow to comment and visit other blogs more. For awhile there I would talk about what I was doing in my classroom and also talk about new products I was making. Then I started to just talk about my products. I don't want to do that anymore. I mean, it got to be way too much and took away from the teaching I wanted to share. So, I vow to blog more about the happenings in my classroom and also my products! 

That's it! I am looking forward to a great 2013! What are your 2013 Resolution Solutions???


  1. Congrats on reaching your fitness goals - it sounds like you are doing great! If I could get a work out in everyday I would be tickled! Good luck on your goals and Happy New Year!

  2. I am so glad that you are moving to Hawaii and even more excited about a baby


  3. I LOVE Brooks!! I bought my mom a pair for Christmas! ;) How exciting to be moving to Hawaii!! SUPER jealous!!!!! :) I, too, need to do much better with reading others' blogs and leaving comments! Thanks so much for linking up...here's to reaching all of our goals in 2013!

    Teaching Maddeness

  4. LOVING your new shoes!! Goes right along with my resolution. Well, getting fit. I am not quite ready for running yet. Good luck to your and your resolutions!!


  5. Congrats on your fitness goals....I'm right there with ya. But most exciting is your mommy goal. Being a mom is the greatest thing. I never imagined I could love two little girls so much! You will be a great mom. I really enjoy your blog as well as your units....I have bought many :) Good luck with your New Year's Resolutions and heading back to work. We head back Wednesday...ugh...I could use one more week.

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Third Grade

  6. I may have missed this post but are you and your husband going to Hawaii for a job? I think it's pretty cool! Will you hopefully stay there?