This post is going to be short and sweet-which is something I NEVER do. Why is it short you might ask???
1. It was a LONG day! A girl in my class got caught stealing almost $30 from another kids book bag! It was a whole mess of lies this afternoon! At least my principal handled it well! 

2. I just got home from the gym. I did my 40 min of cardio and then an hour with my personal trainer! I am tired, sore, sweaty, happy, feeling  good all wrapped in one:) LOVE IT!

3. It's 8pm and I just want to relax! 

So, I have a few winners! My favorite Christmas movie is...
The Polar Express! I have a connection to this movie. The author is from my home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan! I have driven by his real house many times. The author of the book is actually related to one of my old best friends. Every time I hear the Elf say, "Grand Rapids Michigan" in the movie it makes me smile:)

Christmas Story is a VERY close second! But the funny thing is, I saw it for the first time just 2 years ago! Yes, I know, laugh! I get it all the time. I especially get it when I tell people I still haven't seen Pretty Woman!

I am going to look at the comments and email everyone that guessed The Polar Express their goodie!

Well, I am off to relax! And the best part is...I get to sleep in tomorrow! I took the day OFF:) Yup, eye appointment at 2pm but just felt like taking the whole day! Not sure what I am going to do yet:)

Nighty Night!

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