I'm still alive!

I know I have not posted a "normal" post in awhile. I just needed some time to not do any school work, blogging, or creating! I think the end of the year just caught up with me and I felt mentally exhausted. I needed to just stop and take a break! I have really enjoyed my time away! It's been really nice spending some time with my husband and friends! 

Right now I am watching The Big Bang Theory and doing some work all at the same time:) We don't have a working DVD player right now...haha!
I also got lovely pedicure today! And splurged and got a mani too! I'm trying to stop picking at my nails so I hope that a shallac mani would help! Dang nervous habit!

I am also starting something new in 2013. I am staring this daily journal where I write down one sentence about what I did that day. Then each year I add to it!

Here is the picture I found on Pinterest and the book I plan on using!

As I sit here tonight watching The Big Bang Theory starting from season one I have a few things I am working on. 

I am working on this cinquain unit

I also have some math task cards to create. Other things I plan to finish during the break are going through mt TPT store adding and changing a few things. I have had a few requests to make things editable and suggestions to add things.

I am off to get some things done! Have a great night!!!


  1. That sounds like an interesting journaling idea.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Love my shellac mani. This is the only way I won't bite my nails. I know bad habit. I did get a shellac pedi too, lasted well over 2 months. Can't wait until Spring to do it again.

  3. Love Big Bang Theory! Your journal sounds like a good idea. It will be fun to look back at all that you did!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. Enjoy your break!! You deserve it, you're a machine! Love love love Big Bang Theory. Just discovered it this year and have had so much fun catching up.


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

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