little of this and a little of that with a holiday freebie!

It's that kind of day! This blog post I warn you is kinda all over the place! Just like the thoughts running through my head! I hope you don't mind! 

Yesterday my kids asked me if they could help clean the classroom! SURE you can:) I placed kids in groups around the room! They LOVED it and asked if they could do it every Friday! Look at them in action! They are such good helpers!

 I also finished my mug bag! For the past 3 years I have done a secret mug exchange! The kids bring in a mug filled with $10 worth of stuff. It can be candy, toys, a gift card, or anything else. But it has to be for a girl or a boy! It also has to be wrapped so no one can see inside!  

On the day of our winter celebration we play what I call "Winter Musical Chairs." I place winter words on the chairs around the room. I also take the same words and place them in a bag. The kids walk around the room to winter music. When I stop the music they sit down. I pull out a word and if they are sitting in the chair with that word, they get to pick a mug bag from the table. They take the chair and go back to their seat. They wait until everyone has a mug before they can open theirs! 

Then we use the mugs for our hot cocoa party! This has been a favorite every year! So I keep doing it! I also participate in the mug exchange. I create a bag too! But, I always tell the kids I make the bag special! I always add more that they do! I love to fill it with tons of goodies! Look at my bag for this year!

$10 Target gift card
Mug with Candy
Holiday Passes
Pens and Paper

I think whoever wins this bag will love it! 
I try my best to make the bag look like some of the kids bags so it blends in;)

So today, I am going to give you the Holiday Passes I created! I hope you can find them useful! Just leave a little love is all I ask:)

Also here is the list of the words I use for my winter musical chairs!
Click on both pictures to get the freebie!
I also got an early Chirstmas Present from my Mother-in-law!
I just LOVE these!!!! They are the best Kisses around! Once we move to Hawaii in June I am sure I won't be wanting them as much!
Since this post is sooo long, I will be writing a second post today with my finished DONUT you know division notebook part 2!
Tomorrow I will be participating in the day of silence for the students, teachers, and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

See you later today!


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