Marshmallow Shooters, freebie, and a gift to you:)

WHAT A DAY...I mean, WOW! Did anyone have that kind of day??? First, Principal walks in with a camera man and just starts filing my main idea lesson! Thanks for the heads up! haha! Second, some of my kids were CRAZY! One boy was kissing girls, four were throwing dirt at recess, and one got suspended!  Then I find out I have forgotten about progress reports that are supposed to go home tomorrow! OOPS! Guess after this post  I need to do that! Forget planning for tonight! 

But, my day doesn't stop there! I go to the gym for an hour, no problem! But then...I head to the Dollar Tree to pick up some wrapping paper for a project tomorrow! I reach up high because I like one that isn't down below and...............
CRASH! I got the laughs and the stares! I was laughing at myself. I felt dumb taking a picture of it, but I wanted to show you all a little about my CRAZY day! A nice lady came in a few minuets later an helped me pick it up. She wished me Merry Christmas and went on shopping! That was defiantly her RAK and I appreciate it!

OK...enough of my rambling and onto Marshmallow Shooters! We are learning about forces and motion right now in science and I found this awesome activity on Pinterest! The Techy Teacher has this amazing activity that involves...

We put our shooters together

Discussed what happens when we give an object a little force and a lot of force. We used this handout I created to help them show their understanding.

And then....we practiced! It was SO much fun! The kids were laughing and learning all at the same time!

 It was a blast! I just hope they are not poking anyone's eyes out at home tonight! If you want the Marshmallow Shooter handout, just click HERE to get it!

Last, but not least, I have a present for YOU:) I am throwing a 20% off sale starting NOW in my TPT shop! If you blog about my sale and add the picture below to your post, you can get my Holiday No Homework Passes for FREE:) Simple right???

OK...I am off to get these progress reports done! And then maybe I can get plans for next week done! Maybe;)


  1. My day yesterday was nuts, too. That marshmallow shooter lesson sounds super fun. I am interested in any lesson involving sugary treats.

    Buzzing with Ms. B